IM clarifies on Spt kids murder case
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 02: The underground Government of the Naga rebel group (NSCN (I-M), GPRN has clarified that it is not involved either directly or indirectly in the abduction and subsequent killing of two innocent children, Muheni Martin and Hrinii Hubert from Senapati in December last as accused by the Khaplang group.

In a statement, ministry of information and publicity of the Government of the People's Republic of Nagaland (GPRN) said the fabricated accusation by Khaplang outfit and other adverse elements upon the GPRN to taint its image is not a new thing in recent times.

Every issue that crops up is always manipulated to stain the image of the GPRN, confuse and divide the Nagas by Naga people's adversaries, it added.

Again, through Meitei sources, the statement alleged that false and baseless allegations devoid of any truth is being levelled on the GPRN including involvement in the abduction, ransom and killing incident.

Such allegation bereft of evidences or proof is simply to discredit and malign the image of the GPRN as the Khaplangs and other collaborating elements have usually been attempting.

The statement asserted that GPRN is against all inhumane acts of killings innocent students, children, etc as demonstrated by renegades in the pasts.

Such crime was not even expected of Khaplang members, though suspicion of their involvement is not ruled out as yet, for clues and evidences of some of their members connected to the crime is being hinted.

But as truth will prevail over all falsifications, Meitei sources or any other adverse elements' usual misleading propaganda will not succeed in sowing apprehensions, as black will remain black and white as white.

The GPRN strongly condemns such acts and is committed to bring the responsible culprits to justice, the statement added.

In response to the Lungnila Elizabeth murder case that appeared through Manipur media, the statement clarified that in no way justice is being obstructed.

The statement said GPRN affirms that just action will be served on the guilty as and when the acts of crime/s committed are unearthed and authentically established.

But in judicial system penalisation cannot be based on impulse, external pressure, assumed notions, suspicion, etc without establishing authentic evidences, it added.

In relation to the Lungnila Elizabeth murder issue, the statement asserted, the GPRN apprehended James Kuki, a suspect in the case.

During the probe into the case, the main culprit, who is an ex-Manipur Police Commando and a collaborator of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) was apprehended by the Manipur Government, who is still under their custody, charged the NSCN (IM).

Following the arrest of the main culprit by the Manipur authorities in the referred case, the GPRN requested the former for cross examination and interrogation, which was denied.

Due to these technicalities, the case has faced setbacks.

Now it is upto the Manipur Government to either hand over the accused to the GPRN for adjudicating the case to deliver justice to the innocent victims or own responsibility for obstructing justice.

So far the Manipur Government has neither given access of the main culprit to the GPRN nor come out with any results in their investigation into the case despite the accused murderer being in their custody.

Therefore, the GPRN obstructing justice does not arise, the statement reiterated.