Child kidnapping case: Escaped or escapade ?
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Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 31: With the stories of kidnapping children by the PREPAK for recruitment gripping the attention of the people and triggering panic, the stories of dramatic escapes from their custody continue to do the round with the latest coming from the stories of two kids studying at Jatra English School at Khurai Heikru Makhong.

The two kids here are L Rudrajit (12) son of Bir Bidhu of Khurai Heikru Makhong and Akash Thapa (12) son of Johny Thapa the chowkidar of the school.

Narrating their stories in front of the media before the presence of police officials of Imphal East, the two kids said that during the recess at 1.10 pm today, the two kids went to the school's toilet.

The students narrated that while Rudrajit went inside the toilet to relieve himself, Akash stood outside.

The toilet is located within the school complex.

After some time, Akash told Rudra who was inside the toilet that his (Akash) father had consumed poison following a family altercations.

Akash said that he passed on the information to Rudra who was inside the toilet, after he was 'informed' of the incident by three persons who came in a Maruti van.

The three persons were outside the periphery of the school fencing, which had broken down.

After this Rudra finished his 'inside job' and rushed outside and after meeting Akash they both crossed over the worn down fencing.

This was where the three unidentified persons overpowered them and after blindfolding them they were taken for a 'ride' on the Maruti van, said the two kids.

"After sometime we gained consciousness and when we woke up we found ourselves atop a hill guarded by about 30 armed persons including children," said the two kids.

The kids said that they managed to escape and they were taken care of by the meira paibis of Pangei.

Imphal East police took them into their custody at 8 pm.