Nagaland MPs slam State Govt
Source: The Sangai Express / Ninglun Hanghal

New Delhi, May 13 2010: Nagaland MP K Zhimomi has strongly criticised the Manipur Government, stating that what happened in Mao gate was unwarranted.

Zhimomi was speaking at a press meet convened by Naga Students' Union, Delhi at the Press Club of India here today.

The press meet was convened to condemn the incident at Mao gate of May 6, calling it barbaric and an act of aggression and the subsequent misleading reports, particularly in the National media, that have come out over the continued standoff between the proposed visit of Muivah to his native village and the Manipur Government's stand against it.

Members of Parliament CM Chang ( NPF) and K Zhimomi (NPF) of Nagaland, Prof Yaruingam of Delhi University, along with student activists Wilson and Dolly Kikon addressed the media.

The MP further charged that the Manipur Chief Minister's action defied the order of the Union Government, for which he was also summoned to the capital and instructed to provide security to Muivah duirng his journey to Manipur.

"The issue of sovereignty and integration of Naga inhabited areas is beyond his competency " said the MP, further noting that Nagaland Government has done accordingly to what is required of it.

CM Chang in his address said " The wrong decision of the Manipur CM is unfortunate.

We will wait for the report of the recent Home Secretary and Interlocutor RS Pandey visit and wait for future actions" Hundreds of Naga families from Manipur are taking shelter in Nagaland.

Dolly Kikon told the media that these shelter camps urgently need provisions for fooding, medicines and other basic facilities.

Most of them are women and the elderly.

"Considering the events that have unfolded in the past week and the peace talks between the NSCN (IM) and the GOI, how far does the GOI ctually recognise the Naga Leadership?" she asked.

Speakers also informed the media that Nagas residing in the valley of Manipur are living in constant fear.

And that it is not only the Chief Minister, but the whole valley based civil societies, the majority communities who actually control the CM's reactions.

The NSUD representative who spoke at the press meet stated that it resolved to fully endorse the five point declaration made by the Naga HoHo on May 8 , 2010 .

The declaration include: taking serious note of the May 6 incident , that the CM of Manipur's action is an " Open declaration of war against the Nagas" .

It affirmed that Nagas would stand as people of one nation, regardless of divide through "colonial designs".

That an attack on any Naga would be considered an attack on 'the nation".

That Declaration cautioned that any harm inflict to any Naga citizens who are reportedly held hostage in Imphal valley would be countered by "befitting actions".

It further resolved to derecognize any artificial boundary drawn across Naga peoples' ancestral land in the present Manipur.