Joy prescribes State Assembly clean-up
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 10 2010: Maintaining that there is an urgent need for combing operation in Manipur Legislative Assembly as the 'influencing virus' of NSCN (IM) have invaded, Legislature Wing leader of MPP O Joy has announced that with exception to the question hour, MLAs would stay away from other proceedings of the House with effect from July 12 if the Speaker fails to take a definite decision on the resignation of seven Naga Independent MLAs.

Addressing a press conference in this connection here today, Joy questioned what the Speaker has been waiting for even after more than a lapse of three months of tendering their respective resignation papers by the seven Naga Independent MLAs who are in favour of disintegrating Manipur.

Pointing out that it is the right of the MLA concerned to resign from his/her post, Joy observed that it is not necessary to examine whether the Naga MLAs have resigned on their own volition or not for more than three months even after they have already announced their decision through State and National media.

The proposed visit of NSCN (IM) general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah to Manipur has been firmly opposed by the Government of Manipur, the political parties and the public.

But the Speaker has been allowing the representatives of NSCN (IM) to sit in the House thereby aiding towards accomplishment of their mission to break apart Manipur, Joy alleged.

Questioning the conduct of the seven Naga Independent MLAs, Joy said that the Speaker should not be so blind to such conduct of posing challenge to the territorial integrity of Manipur.

"When they themselves have tendered the resignation, what is the Speaker waiting for ? Is he waiting for the discussion of the budget of NSCN (IM) in the House ?'', Joy blasted and added that since the influencing virus of NSCN (IM) has invaded the Assembly, there is an urgent need for conducting combing operation.

Demanding that the Speaker spell out decision on the seven Naga Independent MLAs at the earliest possible, Joy said that if the decision is not acceptable, the House would debate over it and if need arises no confidence motion would be moved against the Speaker or approach the law court.

questioning which of the two issues, integrity of Manipur or construction of road, is more serious, Joy firmly stated that until the Speaker gives a definite decision on the resignation of Naga MLAs, he would not sit together with the MLAs who are plotting for splitting Manipur.

They should be taught a lesson that MLAs should not support any attempt to disintegrate boundary of a State, he added.

"When seven MLAs can tender resignation for the cause of breaking apart Manipur, why can't O Joy resign for the protection of Manipur ?", he posed.

O Joy further informed that a meeting of the MPP Legislature Party would be held later in the evening to discuss strategies to be adopted on the floor of the Assembly.

If the Speaker fails to give a decision, then a decision would be taken to boycott the proceedings of the House with exception to the Question hour with effect from July 12 .

Stating that the influence of NSCN (IM) has seeped into the Indian politics, Joy observed that while the representative of NSCN (IM) who had been sent to the Parliament to break apart Manipur has fallen along with the flag of NSCN (IM), seven others have been elected to the State Assembly to further the cause of Nagalim.

On the point of order he had submitted, Joy explained it was to know the position of the issue over resignation of the Naga MLAs.

Point of order is the property of the House and there is relation between the Assembly and seven MLAs.

However, as the Speaker did not mention anything about it on the inaugural day of the session, the point of order had been submitted the following day.

If the Speaker is satisfied with the reason given for the resignation, then he should give his approval immediately.

But the assertion of the Speaker that there is no specific timeframe in the work immediately is surprising, Joy said, while asking the Speaker how long he would take for taking a decision on the issue.

Speaker is not the master of the House.

He is only a servant of the House.

So he cannot act beyond the jurisdiction of the rules and the Constitution, Joy pointed out.