All party meet ridiculed
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 06 2010: Referring to the all political parties' meet convened by the UCM on May 31, the CNCSCCC has asserted that it was not an all political parties' meet as only a few parties attended it.

Observing that the UCM is not a political party, it questioned the motive for convening a political meet.

Even if the meet was convened to resolve the prevailing situation, the same initiative was riddled with mistakes and errors, it remarked.

"Would it not be much better had the committee invited its counter parts ?", it asked.

Noting that the sovereignty and independence of Manipur as a country came to an end on the date Maharaja Bodhchandra appended his signature on the historic merger agreement (Annexure-X), it contended that the total area of Manipur covered by the merger agreement was the king's territory of 700 Sq miles or 26,500 paris/hectors, and did touch not even a single inch of hill areas.

When Pamheiba ascended the throne of Manipur, Naga chiefs were invited as equals, and there was never over lordship of the Maharaja of Manipur over tribal chiefs in the history of Manipur, it asserted.