AMUCO disfavours Muivah's visit
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 03 2010: If Thuingaleng Muivah is coming to his native village Somdal to pay his obeisance to his forefathers as a Manipuri Tangkhul, his proposed visit to Manipur could have been taken lightly.

But if he is coming as General Secretary of NSCN (IM) with his long standing agenda of disuniting Manipuris, who have been living together cordially for more than 2000 years, the All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation (AMUCO) will fight to defeat the agenda of Th Muivah in order to save Manipur.

A press release issued by AMUCO reminded that Manipur had been a full fledged Nation for thousands of years having its own definite territorial boundary.

With the objective of weakening the Manipuri Nation, the territory of Manipur was reduced substantially by the British colonial rulers.

This was further shrunken by the Government of India.

Now only 22,327 square Kms constitute the territory of Manipur.

It is within this boundary that the Manipur Nation has been striving to stride on the path of development and progress.

Continuing with the legacy of subjugation left by British colonial rulers, the Government of India has been scheming to keep the Manipuri Nation under suppression so that the Manipuri Nation cannot thrive, which otherwise occupies an important location in South East Asia.

The conspiracy to let the Manipuri Nation prosper within a territory of just 6000 sq Kms after carving out 70 per cent (16,000) from the present territory of 22,327 Sq Kms is nothing but wiping out Manipur from the world map, AMUCO asserted.

It has been since quite a long time that overt and covert plans were hatched to destroy the unity of Manipuri nation.

Against such designs of the adversary forces, people launched a strong civil movement since 1997 .

In the next phase, many people sacrificed their lives to safeguard the integrity of Manipur in 2001, AMUCO recalled while pledging that it will utilise all its strength to protect the integrity of Manipur.

It further reaffirms its position to maintain the boundary and harmony that existed in the pre-merger period.

On the surface, the Government of India has signed several Suspension of Operation pacts and cease-fire agreements but it has covertly promoting sectarian violence and criminal activities, it alleged.

The cease-fire agreement between New Delhi and NSCN (IM) should never be enforced in Manipur.

If NSCN (IM) cadres are allowed to operate in Manipur freely as if the cease-fire agreement is enforced in the State too, Manipur is preparing together with the people of Manipur to launch a movement stronger than the movement of June, 2001, it added.