Naga MLAs urge Governor to intervene in resignation issue
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 27, 2010: The seven Naga Independent MLAs had sought the intervention of Manipur Governor Gurbachan Jagat today at Manipur Raj Bhavan in connection with the Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker's indecisive stand over their tendering of resignation.

The Assembly Speaker is yet to pronounce whether he had accepted or rejected the resignations of the seven Naga MLAs over the Mao Gate episode.

Apprising the matter to the Governor today, the seven Naga MLAs said that they had tendered their resignations on May 6 in protest against the government decision to use the state forces against the civilians at the May 6 Mao Gate episode.

The MLAs further stated that their act of resignation was also to share the grieves and sorrows of the victims' families of the Mao Gate incident.

The seven MLAs then informed the Governor that as demanded by the rule of procedure and conduct of business of the Assembly, they had physically shown up before the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly on May 12 at 1:30 pm and thereafter, they had intimated as a reminder to the Speaker on July 7 as the latter failed to give his ruling over their resignations.

In their joint representation to the Governor today, the seven Naga MLAs alleged that the Speaker had violated the rule of procedures and conduct of business of the Manipur Legislative Assembly as the Speaker fails to announce his ruling.

As per the rule of procedures, the Assembly Speaker should announce his ruling at the earliest Assembly Session after any member of the Legislative Assembly had tendered his/her resignation.

The seven Naga MLAs then rued that they have been placed under utter confusion with regard to their present position due to the non-ruling of the Speaker over their tendering of resignation.

Meanwhile, the Naga MLAs then reminded the Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker today through a joint missive saying the latter did not abide the Rule No.315 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Manipur Legislative Assembly when the 8th Session of the 9th Assembly started on July 7.