Opposition parties join anti-Muivah visit stand
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 07 2010: NSCN (IM) General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah should never be allowed to step on the soil of Manipur officially.

In case, Muivah is allowed to enter Manipur, the same step would be construed as encouraging the attempt to break up Manipur.

This was stated by Opposition leaders in a representation submitted to the Governor today.

A team of Opposition leaders comprising NCP president Radhabinod Koijam, MPP president Dr Nimaichand Luwang, MPP MLA OJoy, MPP advisor Th Chaoba, CPI (M) State secretary Sarat Salam and Ksh Sotin Kumar on the Governor at Raj Bhavan today and discussed the present situation of Manipur.

Later, speaking to media persons at MPP office, MPP Legislature wing leader O Joy said that NSCN (IM) leader Muivah should not be allowed entry into Manipur under any circumstances.

The Union Home Ministry's clearance for Muivah to visit Manipur was a blunder.

Political parties as well as civil societies have denounced the blunder and this was conveyed to the Governor, Joy said.

Besides being a leader of an underground organisation, many people have been killed under Manipur his directive.

He is one individual who has been persistently demanding territory of Manipur to form a greater Nagaland.

As he is still pursuing the unreasonable demand of Naga integration, he cannot step on the soil of Manipur.

Joy stated that the Governor was informed about the unambiguous stand of all political parties to protect the integrity of Manipur.

He also condoled the death and injuries caused to the people at Mao yesterday because of Muivah's attempt to visit Manipur.

Lamenting that the proposed trip of Muivah to Manipur has vitiated the inter-community as well as inter-community relations, Joy asserted that the Government of India should be held responsible for the inexpiable blunder committed by its Home Ministry.

The Governor was also appealed to apprise the situation of Manipur to the Government of India so that New Delhi sends responsible officials to Manipur to conduct spot enquiry and work towards an amicable solution, Joy said.

Talking about the resignation of seven independent Naga MLAs, the veteran MPP leader said that the Speaker should first verify the common resignation letter and accept it if found authentic as it was a faxed message signed together rather than being submitted separately.

Asking them to be MLAs of Manipur and not of Nagaland, Joy remarked that it was unacceptable to send memorandum to the Prime Minister for disintegration of Manipur while being MLAs of Manipur.

Radhabinod Koijam said that the clearance given by the Union Home Minister for Muivah to visit Manipur with his agenda of disintegrating Manipur without consulting the Govt of Manipur was highly condemnable.

As Muivah's planned visit to Manipur is aimed at undertaking a political campaign by holding meetings, Muivah is the number one enemy of Manipur, he asserted.

Decrying the failure of the Govt of India to send a central team and assess the situation of Manipur, Dr Nimaichand Luwang accused the Govt of India of plotting to disintegrate Manipur in connivance with NSCN (IM).

He demanded that Muivah be persuaded to turn back from Manipur.