Students storm Manipur Bhawan
Source: The Sangai Express/Ninlung

Imphal/Delhi, May 07 2010: The Naga Student's Union, Delhi with thousands of its members, took to the street in Delhi today to protest against the Government of Manipur for killing two students and injuring 76, some of them critically, at the behest of the Manipur police commandos, firing indiscriminately at the peaceful Nagas awaiting the arrival of Th Muivah on May 6 at Mao gate, alleged NSUD in a statement.

In a later development in the evening at about 6, the agitating students stormed the Manipur Bhawan, breaking down windows, doors and official vehicles.

Over 6 official cars and jeeps were substantially damaged.

Police had to fire tear gas shells to disperse the students and in the melee three students were injured.

The injured have been admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital while eight were held by the police.

They were however released later.

It demanded the Central Govt to form an enquiry committee to investigate the matter at the earliest and punish the perpetrators.

NSUD also expressed its disappointment to the Centre Govt, though the Ministry of Home Affairs allowed Muivah to be given passage to visit his native village from May 3 to May 10 .

NSUD is of the opinion, with the green signal from MHA Muivah's intinerary was scheduled to tour Naga areas as integral process of reassuring his representation as the chief negotiator of the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue, it said.

However, on April 30, Govt of Manipur resolved with a Cabinet decision to ban the entry of Muivah and subsequently enforced 144 CrPc and millitarised heavily Senapati and Ukhrul districts where Muivah's entourage will pass through.

While, the Nagas and the Naga frontal organizations were preparing the reception of Muivah's homecoming after 46 years, with garlands and welcome gates, the Manipur Commandos and IRB under the direction of the Manipur State Govt resorted to destroying gates and shooting spree to the Naga civilians.

Thus, the entourage of Muivah's cavalcade is stranded at the border of Manipur and Nagaland in Angami village since May 3 .

Unsurprisingly, though the security of Muivah is the responsibility of the Government of India, as long as he is in the country, there has been no central or any Indian military forces so far provided.

Seven out of nine Naga MLAs from Manipur resigned on the political ground, inspite of their continuous request to the Govt of Manipur that Muivah should be allowed to enter Manipur.

But Ibobi's Govt not only sealed off both the national highways 39 and 52 with commandos and IRB but sprayed bullet to the peaceful Nagas, these Naga MLAs represented, the NSUD alleged.

Ibobi's autocracy has exposed that the Naga minorities' shares in people's representation in the Legislative Assembly of Manipur is that the majority valley based community dominance is none other than autocratic rule over the minorities.

It was also a vivid exposure of the Govt of India's incessantly following policy of terror tactics and pitting community against community, in which Delhi is looking forward to seeing communal conflicts in the region.

Thus, communal tension is flaring up and the symbolic people's Government is torn apart in the autocratic majoritarian system in Manipur.

This uncontrolled situation has led to further insecurity of Naga minorities living in Imphal valley.

The larger issue pertaining to the Government of Manipur, on the proposed visit of Muivah is suspiciously looked upon as inimical to the "integrity of Manipur." Without valuing the effort of the Nagas towards the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process for the last 13 years, and undue accountability, Govt of India is using Ibobi's Government as bargaining chips in the Indo-Naga political talks, on the alleged unfounded concept called "integrity of Manipur" .

This does not only speak the lackadaisical attitude of the centre on the Indo-Naga political talks, but it revealed the daunting power of the state beyond the centre's authority.

Where does the authority of India's sovereign power rest when every states in India rise to protect its own integrity, but the failed diplomacy of UPA Government belittled the power rested to the parliament under the Articles 2&3 of India's constitution, it questioned.

In other words, this callous attitude of UPA Government made the Union of India as a whole subservient to any state in India, and its sovereign power lost in diffusion.

NSUD strongly condemned the dilly-dallying politics of the Government of India that questionably put on-hold the integrity of Delhi to intervene and provide security to Muivah's entourage, thus, Manipur is driven to uncontrolled power in the hands of autocratic government.

It further demanded immediate deployment of central security forces for the Nagas living in Imphal valley and provision of adequate paramilitary forces for safe entry of Muivah's retinues.

"Th Muivah is a peace negotiator, and often peace is waged through war.

If we do not have peace in us, at least lets all fight to keep the way to peace", it added.