Kuki Inpi against Muivah's visit
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 04 2010: The Kuki Inpi Manipur has joined the bandwagon of voices, opposing the planned visit of NSCN (IM) General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah to Manipur.

The Kuki Inpi accused Th Muivah of creating enmity among tribal peoples who are neighbours living together since time immemorial.

In an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, the Kuki Inpi Manipur blamed the NSCN (IM) leader for killing 900 Kukis, uprooting 350 Kuki villages and rendering over 100,000 Kukis refugees in their own land during the 1990's.The impending visit of Thuingaleng Muivah to Manipur has created a state of confusion among the people.

The special treatment fit for a head of a State accorded to him by the Government of India is all the more unsettling for the people of the North East Region ever since news of his trip has been splashed all over the media, KIM observed.

The question regarding his ethnic cleansing policy towards the Kuki people in and outside Manipur and the Government of India's posture as a mute spectator is still left unanswered.

"So, what did Mr Muivah do to deserve such a red carpet reception? His proponents may call him 'the champion of peace in the South East Asia', but is he a champion of peace because he has killed over 900 Kukis, uprooted 350 Kuki villages and rendered over 1,00,000 Kukis refugees in their own land during the 1990s ?", KIM countered.

Reminding that the Kuki Inpi, the traditional Government of all the Kuki tribes spread across the North Eastern region of India, the Kabaw Valley and Chin Hills of Myanmar (Burma), and the Chittagong Hills Tract of Bangladesh, had submitted over 60 memoranda to five successive Prime Ministers including the incumbent, on the plight of the Kuki people, it said that the Government of India has never reciprocated to their call, and did not bother to lend an ear to their pleas as bonafide citizens of India.

It further asked the Government of India "whether we are or not your subjects" .

The Kuki people had waged war against the British Empire from 1761 to 1919 to protect their own freedom and land.

After India's independence the Kuki people in the North East Region became citizens of India.

But through years, negligence and discrimination have been just the tell tale signs shown by the Government of India towards the Kuki people.

Stating that the issues plaguing Manipur can be settled or set to rest when the Government of India takes into confidence the Kuki people, it maintained that the Kuki people will not capitulate or buckle under pressure from any authority if their protection and freedom is not insured.

Saying that the Kuki people have been carefully observing the talks between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India which is undergoing without an iota of concern about the Kuki problem, KIM termed the ongoing bilateral talk a farce.

Talks or negotiation sans the participation of the Kuki people will stir up a hornet's nest which will certainly create upheaval all over the north eastern region of India, it cautioned.

Kuki Inpi initiated for settlement, asked the advice of Mr.Rishang Keising who directed the Kuki Inpi leaders to talk with the United Naga Council of Manipur.

There were two meetings, one on March 29, 1994 and the other on April 4, 1994.In the last meeting, the Kuki Inpi placed five points for amicable settlement for restoration of peace and normalcy.

But the UNC Manipur spokesman and its Secretary K Prongo declared that NSCN(I-M) leadership strongly warned the UNC (M) not to make any settlement at all with the Kukis, the Kuki Inpi disclosed.

Then the Kuki Inpi approached the Government of India to make amicable settlement but so far the matter has not yet been settled.

Therefore, Kuki Inpi places this demands for amicable settlement in the interests of peace and harmony in connection to our joined opposing of Mr.Th.Muivah's visit to his birth place­Alleging that NSCN (IM) killed 900 Kukis and rendered tens of thousands homeless under the leadership of Th Muivah, it asked as to why the Naga organizations led by the UNC Manipur want a red carpet welcome to such a criminal, because of whose order the settlement was failed.

"When and by what court order crimes committed by Muivah has been condoned and allowed to go scot-free while completely ignoring his criminal acts?" .

It went on to ask as to why an anti-Indian like Th Muivah has been provided the highest VVIP treatment.

Until unless all the above questions are clarified to the satisfaction of all concern, his visit and welcome will never be accepted by the Kuki people.

The Kukis oppose vehemently the visit of Th Muivah to Manipur by whose order the 900 innocent Kukis, including babies, women, aged invalid were murdered, 360 villages uprooted, 100,000 people rendered homeless wanderers in their own land, the open letter categorically stated.