AMADA highlights impacts of peace-talk
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 03 2010: Any peace talk/cease fire between State and a non-State actor should be for bringing peace and security to the people, but the decade long peace talk between the Government of India and NSCN-IM has turned out to be the root cause of the gravest misery facing the people of Manipur, stated the All Manipur Ant-Drug Association (AMADA) in a press statement.

The peace talk has been impeding development programme, aggravating law and order situation besides sowing seeds of distrust among the indigenous people.

While the State Government has been acting in line with the agenda set by New Delhi, the Government of India is leasat bothered about the concerns of the Manipuri people.

This was testified not only by the peace talk with NSCN-IM but also by the generosity of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru when he gifted away Kabo Valley to Burma without consulting the people of Manipur just to win the goodwill of the eastern neighbour.

Since the peace talk between NSCN-IM and Government of India began, no one has been able to travel along NH-39 and NH-53 with a sense of security.

During this period, there have been many cases of injuring and killing drivers while a numbers were destroyed, burnt or pushed down hill slopes along these two lifelines of the State.

In addition, there were repeated cases of robbery on these highways.

Notwithstanding the Government of India's declaration that the cease fire would not be enforced in Manipur, NSCN-IM cadres opened their designated camps within Manipur and have been roaming around in the open with weapons, AMADA noted.

It seemed both the Government of India and the State Government have no power to raise any objection to this transgression by the NSCN-IM.

The inaction and silence of the Government of India to all the criminal activities in the last 10 years in Manipur since the cease fire pact was signed has only alienated the people of Manipur from mainstream India.

In the meantime, Th Muivah has been attempting to visit Manipur on his last journey of no destination with a sinister design to set ablaze Manipur, AMADA alleged.

The political destiny of the people of Manipur, be it Nagas or Meiteis or other communities, should be collectively decided by themselves, not by outsiders.

Recalling that a process of driving wedges between the hill people and valley people started during a dark phase of history, AMADA pointed out that the pain and oppression suffered by hill people was also endured in equal measure by the valley people who refused to give up indigenous culture and tradition.

There are many Meetei elders who have been working even to the present time to recover the true selves of both the valley and hill people that existed before 1709 .

Stating that all the communities of the State should stand united, AMADA maintained that Meiteis should respect rights of Nagas and Nagas should reciprocate in the same manner.

Any delay in understanding this fact would mean sinking together, it asserted.

Saying that some Naga leaders have been forfeiting and usurping what is due to the Naga people, AMADA noted that two Naga leaders served as the longest serving Chief Minister of Manipur.

Observing that the people of Manipur have been facing untold misery, AMADA declared that it would prepare to launch an intense agitation against the State Government if the situation is not brought to normalcy at the earliest.