Crisis in state concerns global citizens
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 22 2010: Cutting across community line and National boundaries, a group of people who are concerned about the suffering of people of Manipur due to prolonged road blockade for more than a month now has jointly appealed to the Governments of India and Manipur to resolve the crisis as well as to the civil bodies to bring the matter to an amicable solution.

In a joint appeal titled 'Save Manipur from artificial humanitarian crisis', 344 individuals expressed concern over the suffering of the people of Manipur both in the hills and the valley due to the ongoing total economic blockade along the two National Highways 39 and 53 which are lifelines of the impoverished State.

Taking note of the shortage of the basic needs for survival food and other essential commodities, the joint appeal pointed out that acute shortage of fuel is having adverse impact on children from attending to their regular classes.

Lack of fuel has also affected media, communication, mobile phone towers since generators since generators cannot even function and public transport fares have gone up, the joint appeal said, adding 'Let us not deprive the people of right to food and the right to education'.

Worried over the shortage of medicines in the hospital, the joint appeal also took note over the reported incident of death of an elderly woman due to lack of medical attention.

Calling upon the organisations responsible for imposing the blockade, the joint appeal urged for adopting some other means of protest as it is only the common people of all communities who are suffering from its impact.

Requesting the different communities to maintain peace and harmony, the joint appeal also called for leaving aside 'our political and territorial issues' and led love and brotherhood spread.

''Let's not block the roads in Manipur, let's not stop the vehicles going to Manipur.

Lets not indulge in spreading false rumours and hatred.

Let's think about the innocent lots who are suffering in the hills and the valley alike'', the joint appeal added.

While calling upon the common people to strive for promoting peace and tranquillity in the State, he also suggested that manipur government officials work without bias for overall and egalitarian development of Manipur.

The UNPC functionary also desired that officials ensure their presence at their respective place of posting so that grievances of the local population could be understood and relevant measures initiated without delay.