Peace keeping volunteers for NHs to be recruited, UCM for co-existence
Thousands turn up to pay fitting tributes to martyrs of June 18 at Kekrupat

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 18 2010: With thousands of people turning up to pay floral tributes to the 18 martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of territorial integrity of Manipur on this date in 2001 and with the UCM observing The Great June Uprising Day at Kekrupat today, UCM has announced that peace keeping volunteers would be recruited to protect National Highways 39 and 53 and ensure peaceful co-existence among the different groups of people settled in Manipur. Addressing the public meeting, UCM president Yumnamcha Dilipkumar alleged that the Government of India is yet to give up its double standard stand on the issue of territorial integrity of Manipur.

Floral tributes paid at Kekrupat and the Great June Uprising function underway

Therefore UCM is today fully prepared to launch various movements with the support of the people.

He further said that the main objective of UCM is to ensure protection of the identities of various groups of people and promote peaceful coexistence among them.

Towards realisation of this objective and in additional to its ongoing activities, UCM would initiate recruitment of peace keeping volunteers from all the communities so as to promote peaceful coexistence and protect the National Highways 39 and 53 from anti-social elements, he informed, adding that UCM has kept the target of recruiting one lakh peace keeping volunteers within the current year.

He further said that even if the blockade is lifted, no vehicles should ply on National Highway 39 till the Government of India gives a standing assurance that NSCN (IM) and other UG would reined in penalised for imposing taxes and draw up a policy to reimburse the taxes collected so far to the people of Manipur.

Kabui Mothers' Association president Kakomlunglu Kamei; HERICOUN president Rehang Chothe; Kuki Women's Organisation, Manipur president Rose Mangsi Haokip; chair-person of Lamlangpi Village Thambaljao Chothe; BNCC president Haokhothang Baite; All Manipur Meetei Pangal Development Organisation vice president Wahijuddin Yumkhaibam; CHITUWA president Pukrambam Momon Leima; social activist Rajkumar Ranendrajit; Momon Leima; social activist Rajkumar Ranendrajit; IPSA advisor H Ibotombi Khuman and former UCM presidents Sapamcha Jadumani and Konsam Langamba also attended the meeting as presidium members.

In his address, Haokhothang Baite observed that imposition of economic blockade over the issue of ADC election is unreasonable as the ADC Act had been amended after 20 MLAs of the constituencies in the hill districts have minutely studied the provisions of the Act.

Describing Naga separatist leader Th Muivah as a terrorist, Haokhothang Baite said that the Government of India should acknowledge the fact that over 1000 Kukis have lost their lives, 360 Kuki houses have been burnt down while over 1 lakh Kukis have been displaced during the Naga-Kuki clashes instigated by NSCN (IM).

Rose Mangsi Haokip noted that Kukis have been playing a major role in protection of the territorial integrity of Manipur since ancient time.

In order to empower the Kukis to play their part even more efficiently, Sadar Hills and Jiribam should be upgraded into full-fledged revenue districts, she added.

Kakomlunglu Kamei observed that all the communities in Manipur should live together in peace and harmony without any room for communal feeling.

Rajkumar Ranendrajit wondered why the three MPs from Manipur have not been able to say anything in the Parliament on the issue of economic blockade along the National Highways in Manipur and why it should take more than two months for the Government of India to act and said that such conduct is not acceptable.

Sapamcha Jadumani observed that NSCN (IM) has been collecting illegal taxes along the National Highway 39 to procure arms and ammunition and using the same to break part Manipur.

He also called for a collective resolution against using National Highway 39 in future and said that the road would be reopened automatically without any request.

Konsam Lanngamba said that we should also show our their gratitude to the Manipuris settling outside the State but are really concern about the problems of Manipur.

On the sidelines of the observance, 34 people donated their blood.

Gifts were also presented to the family members of the 18 martyrs.