Transporters peeved with fuel distribution mode
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 03 2010: Transporters Drivers Council has expressed disatisfaction over the manner in which the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution are distributing petrol and diesel through the oil pumps in the State.

Talking to mediapersons here today, Ibohal Singh, vice president of the Council which is formed by various transport organisations and driver unions, lamented that the Department has not taken the people into confidence on the quantity of petrol and diesel left after distribution to the public.

All the oil pumps also remain opened only on the day of distribution.

He pointed out that so far 1560 kilolitre of diesel and 500 kilolitre of petrol have been unloaded at various oil pumps.

He said that presuming that out of total quantity if a maximum quantity of 228 kilolitre of diesel and another 116 kilolitre of petrol are made available to the public through rationing system on May 26 last, there should be adequate quantity of fuel still left.

A maximum of 200 vehicles (heavy) can avail the fuel from a petrol pump starting from 10 am to 5 pm.

He cited that presuming 20 litres of fuel are provided to each vehicle, atleast 4 kilolitres from out of 12 kilolitres allotted to each petrol should remain.

However, the remaining fuel are released through pumps the following day, he rued.

On June 1, fuel have been again supplied through some selected oil pumps.

But these oil pumps remained shut down in the following days.

So, now the question is where the remaining fuel have gone, Ibohal questioned.

Recalling that in the last rationing, 36 kilolitre of diesel have been allocated to the Council and the same distributed properly through three oil pumps over a period of two days, Ibohal wondered whether any of the staff of the DC concerned or the Department have such kind of dedication and sincerity at the time of supplying fuel in other oil pumps.

No doubt, distribution of oil among the school van services had also been carried out properly at Moirangkhom over a period of two days.

With exception to these two instances, the overall manner of distributing the fuel is not to the satisfaction of the transporters, Ibohal asserted.

Petrol pumps that remained closed throughout the year were even made to open and sell oil, he observed, adding that what the Transporters Drivers Council had demanded was to provide 36 kilolitre of fuel every day.

But it has been provided only once and no further.

So, the transporters would have no option but to hike the fare or suspend service, he added.