IM leaders pay tribute to Vizol
Source: The Sangai Express

Dimapur, May 15 2010: NSCN-IM general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah, his wife Ikhres Muivah and senior members of NSCN-IM visited the grave of late Vizol, the former Chief Minister of Nagaland at Viswema village near Kohima and paid rich tribute to the late leader.

The NSCN-IM leaders were accompanied by chairman of Viswema Village Council Ketsore Mekro and son of late Vizol Dr.Atha Vizol.

While expressing his great respect to late Vizol, Th Muivah said that Vizol was one of the great Naga leaders who worked whole-heartedly for the interest of the Nagas and was a popular Chief minister also.

Th Muivah paying homage to ex-Nagaland CM (late) Vizol

Recalling past event, Th Muivah said people from the Southern Nagaland (Manipur) used to gather at his place.

Th Muivah mentioned the name of late Ramyo, late Suisa and late Lungshim with whom he had spent time at the house of Vizol.

Th Muivah then added that the political scenario in Nagaland underwent drastic change after Vizol's term as Chief Minister.

"Corruption started to play active role in Nagaland politics after Vizol," said Th Muivah.

Th Muivah, who had known Vizol, said, "The living has to speak the truth and pay respect to late Vizol for what he was to the Nagas".

The Chairman of the village council R.Ketsore Mekro expresses immense thanks to Muivah for showing so much love and respect to uncle Vizol.

Late Vizol's son Dr.Atha Vizol also said, "I have nothing to give you in return but our family will pray that God take care of Muivah and all National workers".