Enough of window dressing on NH-53
'Real' work to kick off from Jul 15

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 12 2010: With full scale repairing work of NH-53 set to begin from July 15, people are expecting that some technical development will be visible soon.

According to a PWD official, most of the loaded trucks which were stranded at Jiribam have reached Imphal.

However, around 40 trucks are still stranded at different portions of the highway, unable to reach Imphal.

It is expected that all these trucks would reach Imphal tomorrow.

Once all the stranded trucks reach Imphal, all efforts would be put in to start full scale repairing work of NH 53 from July 14.Even if it is delayed for a day, repairing work would certainly start from July 15, conveyed the official.

Clearance of landslide has been completed by using heavy machinery sent by PWD.

A large indented portion located about 6 Kms from Barak has also been filled up.

For repairing the highway, the Government has selected seven local contractors of repute.

However, the Govt could not sanction the required fund for repairing the highway due to the ongoing Assembly session.

PWD will forward the proposal for release of the required fund once the Assembly session is over.

Citing the clause 'Works of Emergency Nature' which is laid down clearly in PWD rules, the official said that tender is not necessarily a compulsion for emergency works like the present one.

It was under this same clause that the Government selected the seven contractors, informed the official.

Already, clearing work of clogged roadside drains has been started with the department's machinery.

It is necessary to clear and dredge the drains first before removing mud and other boggy substances now covering the highway at different sections.

After this, flooring the road with shingles would start.

With clearing work of drains not yet complete and muddy substances covering the road surface yet to be removed, shingles and stones brought by the Transporters' and Drivers' Council still remained unutilised.

Nevertheless, the shingles and stones have been piled up at roadsides ready for use at the right time, added the PWD official.