Govt Discards The Carrots For The Sticks, Wanted Tag On Blockade Leaders
Cash prize of Rs 1 lakh awaits informers, 21st Century Judas

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 07 2010: With the patience of the Government running out, to quote Union Home Secretary GK Pillai at Shillong a few days back, the State Government has finally decided to opt for the stick rather than the carrot and deal firmly with the leaders behind the indefinite total blockade.

Towards this end the State Government today issued a circular proclaiming the Acting President of the All Naga Students' Association, Manipur, Samson Remmei and Acting President of the United Naga Council, David Choro as Wanted Men and announced a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh each, to whoever provides information leading to their arrest or extend help in arresting them.

UNC chief David Choro (R) and stranded trucks due to the blockade

This is perhaps the first time that a cash award has been announced for the arrest of a student leader and comes close on the heels of the Union Home Secretary GK Pillai announcing in Shillong that the patience of the Government is running out over the total boycott on the two National Highways for more than 55 days.

ANSAM, solidly backed by the UNC first imposed the economic blockade on April 11 in protest against the election to the ADCs under the 3rd Amendment of 2008 .

With the Government sticking to its stand, the economic blockade was later 'upgraded' to a total blockade including all inter-State passenger buses.

The genesis of the State Government swinging into action can be traced to a PIL filed by a gentleman challenging the validity or legality of the indefinite blockade.

The High Court, accordingly took up the case and after summoning DGP Y Joykumar had instructed him to arrest the leader/s of ANSAM.

Significantly UNC was not named in the PIL filed by the gentleman.

The Wanted tag as well as the cash prize for the arrest of the two said leaders was issued today, after the DGP assured the High Court that he would produce the respondents within ten days time, a couple of days back.

Efforts to contact leaders of the United Naga Council for their comments on the latest development drew a blank.

ANSAM leaders also refused to comment on the matter at the moment, though what may happen in the next few days remains to be seen.

However the Senapati based, the powerful and influential Naga Peoples' Organisation has made it known that it is not at all pleased with the order of the Government.

"There is no logic in the stand of the Government of Manipur and it is upto their wisdom to decide whether they want to complicate the the matter more or bring about an amiable solution," said the NPO president M Dili Mao.

According to the circular issued by the DGP today, ANSAM Acting President David, aged about 38 years is a resident of Makhan village in Senapati district while the Acting President of UNC, Samson Remmei is a resident of Chingmeirong Kabui Khul.