Naga Domes continue to slam Government stand
Source: The Sangai Express / NNN

Senapati, May 16, 2010: The Naga civil societies under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC) have strongly condemned the Manipur State 'Cabinet's policy' to bar Th Muivah, general secretary of NSCN (IM) from visiting his native village and other Naga areas and the unilateral backtracking of the Government of India (Gol) from its commitment.

The organizations alleged that the Mao Gate incident showed "the militarization and the brutal actions of the Manipur State security forces meted out to the Naga public" and condemned the incident.

In an emergency meeting held at Senapati on Saturday, the Naga civil societies said, "Whereas, the aspiration and commitment of the Nagas, divided by artificial State boundaries have been for all time for peaceful political approach to the unresolved political issue with India and Burma, it has not been reciprocated".

Towards this end, the Nagas have consistently expressed their objectives by initiating democratic political steps through the memorandum submitted to the Simon Commission 1929), declaration of independence (August 14, 1947), plebiscite( 1951), and boycott of the Indian general election (1952 and 1957), the UNC, ANSAM, NPMHR and NWUM, said in a joint statement.

While, the remedial initiatives were peaceful, the concerned States had in-variably opted for military solution leading to serious case of human rights violation and genocide of the Naga peoples under the pretext of internal law and order problem, they added.

"Today, in view of the meticulously calculated military crackdown to undermine the rights of the Nagas by the Manipur State Government under the leadership of Ibobi Singh, with the unprovoked attack on the innocent Naga peace -marchers on May 6 at Mao Gate in Senapati district of present State of Manipur, killing two innocent students in cold blood, injuring hundreds and displacing thousands of Naga villagers the Naga civil societies condemn it," the statement said.

"We declare that the Nagas in south Nagaland (Nagas in present state of Manipur) are steadfast and committed towards peaceful political solution and the integration of all Naga areas and urge the Gol to demonstrate its sincerity and respect for the "Unique history and situation of the Nagas.

We also declare that peaceful political solution and integration of all Naga areas through the removal of all artificial State boundaries is the only way to live with dignity and protect our existence as a people.

We take this moment to express our appreciation to the Naga civil societies all over the Naga homeland, the conscientious individuals and civil societies from India and elsewhere for their solidarity and their commitment for the protection and respect of human rights," the joint statement of the Naga civil groups declared.

At this critical juncture we also appeal to all neighbouring tribal communities and other conscientious communities to take their own decisive political position that will ensure their freedom and their existence as peoples, they added.

"We declare that we are resolute and will embark on a political journey to consolidate the Indo-Naga political dialogue that must culminate in an honourable and peaceful political solution that respects the inherent rights of the Nagas, which includes our right to live together under one political roof by the removal of all artificial states boundaries.

Therefore on this day, May 15, we declare our commitment to protect the rights and existence of the Nagas and that we shall initiate steps for the fulfillment of our objectives.

We will sever all relationship with the Manipur State Government and all the dominant organizations and individuals who collude with it, until our history and situation are acknowledged and accorded due respect.

We shall offer our all for the realization of an honorable political settlement and for the integration of all Naga areas whereby we will live as a people under one political roof, free from domination and exploitation," the UNC, ANSAM.