Protests on against Muivah's visit
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 15 2010: With all the women vendors suspending business transaction for the day to stage protest demonstration in their respective plots and the shops downing shutters, Khwairamband Bazar, the commercial hub of the State remained shut today in protest against the proposed visit of NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah to Manipur.

Responding to the call made jointly by Nupi Keithel Semgat Sagatpa Lup, Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Sinpham Amadi Saktam Kanba Lup, Manipur Keithel Nupi Marup, Ima Leibak Thougal Lup Khwai Ima Keithel Nagamapal, Punshi Keithel, Khwai Ima Keithel Maharani Thong, Awang Ngari Pari shopkeepers, all the women vendors suspended their daily chores for the day and staged mass sit-in-protest.

People taking out protest rally in denunciation with Muivah's proposed visit to Manipur

Expressing solidarity, all the shops in Thangal Bazar, Paona Bazar and Nagamapal also remained shut.

Similar protest demonstrations were also staged by the road side vendors along the road behind the Family Welfare office, BT Road and Nagapamal.

At all these protest sites, placards and festoons inscribed with the slogans like 'State Government should never change its stand on Muivah's proposed visit', 'Any challenge to the territorial integrity of Manipur should be faced collectively', 'Resigned 7 MLAs should be arrested and jailed for supporting UG group', 'What is the hidden agenda of Government of India behind withdrawal of State forces from Mao Gate', 'India Govt should stop the criminal activities of NSCN (IM) immediately', 'State Govt should not belie the trust of the people', 'State Government and Govt of India should never forget June 18 incident', etc were seen.

Talking to mediapersons on the sidelines of the protest demonstration, representatives of Nupi Keithel Semgat Sagatpa Lup, Manipur Keithel Nupi Marup and Nupi Keithel Sinpham Amasung Saktam Kanba Lup observed that the Government of India should desist from any attempt to disturb the existing territorial integrity of the Northeastern States while pursuing peace talks with the Naga rebel group.

India Government should also stop collection of unauthorised taxes by the armed cadres of NSCN (IM) along the National Highways.

Endorsing the State Cabinet decision of preventing Muivah from entering Manipur, the women leaders maintained that the decision of the Cabinet should be strengthen.

They also called upon the State Government to stop the businessmen from hiking the prices of essential commodities by taking advantage of the prevailing situation in the State.

On the otherhand, asserting that NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah should not be allowed to set foot in Manipur to ensure there is no law and order problem, Konjeng Leikai Youth Development Club, Sega Road opined that propose of rebel leader's visit is to gain popularity at the sunset of his career.

Maintaining that Muivah no longer loves people of Manipur where he was born, the Club further asserted that leader of the armed outfit's persistence to visit his native place 'with the childish blessings of the Central Government is pregnant with conspiracy to disintegrate manipur and sow seeds of enmity amongst the ethnic people who had been living peacefully for ages.

Meanwhile, MLA of Patsoi A/C Sapam Kunjakeshore today led a protest rally from Patsoi Tao Umang, Rising Club ground to Tera Pukhri Achouba Mapal decrying the proposed visit of NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah to Manipur.

Participated by around 3000 people of all communities including Kabuis and school students, the rally was organised by UCM Patsoi unit.

Carrying placards and festoons inscribed with slogans like 'Long live Manipur', 'We oppose the proposed visit of Manipur to Manipur', 'We condemn Chidambaram', etc, the rallyists also shouted slogans.

At the end of the rally, a public meeting was also organised where many speakers denounced the alleged 'double standard' of Govt of India over the present crisis.

Samurou Nupi Chaokhat Thourang Lup, Samurou Keithel also organised a sit-in demonstration today in protest against the proposed visit of Muivah to Manipur.

All Manipur Muslims Development Organisation (Hafiz Hatta) and The Morning Star Club, Yumnao Patlou have also objected to the proposed visit of Muivah to Manipur.