NPMHR accuses valley human rights crusaders
urges media to be fair

Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Senapati, May 09 2010: The Naga Peoples' Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has lamented that none of the human rights organisations based in Imphal valley has condemned the killing of two students at Mao Gate by the security forces.

"NPMHR is shocked that the human rights groups from Imphal valley, who have been campaigning against militarization, extra-judicial killing, asserting the rights to self-determined future and other human rights abuses, are yet to condemn the killings of innocent Nagas.

What is more shocking is that some of the so called 'human rights' organisations are actively supporting the policies of the Government of Manipur against the Nagas which has already resulted in the loss of lives and injuries to many Nagas," alleged the Naga rights group in a statetement.

NPMHR has also urged the media not to indulge in biased reporting.

The rights group alleged that over the last few days, private media and even the All India Radio, have been broadcasting biased and twisted reports.

"For instance, some media reported that Mao residents found their houses ransacked but conveniently failed to mention that it was committed by IRB and Commandos stationed in Mao.

The highest ethical requirement of newspersons is objectivity and neutrality, and we remind you to be true to your profession," it pointed out, while adding, "The ransacking, looting, and robbing of properties committed by the IRB and police commandos stationed in Mao Gate is an evidence of the lack of discipline within the forces.

Witnesses have seen IRB and commandos personnel breaking and entering deserted houses, looting shops and other properties in Mao Gate.

It is quite apt that the IRB and Manipur police commandos would indulge in such undisciplined behaviour," it added.

The Naga rights group has also called upon all Nagas to be vigilant against the "divisive forces that are working all the time" to create confusion and chaos among the Nagas.

"We further call upon all Nagas to work towards strengthening our unity and to stand up for the rights of the Nagas", the NPMHR said.

The Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) extends our deepest heartfelt condolences to the families of Chakha Neli and Loshou Daikho who were killled in firing by the Manipur Indian Reserved Battalion and Manipur Police Commandos stationed in Mao Gate on 6 May 2010, it said.

"We honour and salute their sacrifice as National heroes.

Our prayers are with their families.

We also express our sincere commiseration to all the brave women and men who braved bullets to stand up for the Nagas demand for peace.

The whole Naga population is also with the many who have been displaced and uprooted from their homes" .

NPMHR once again called for an immediate roll back of the Manipur Cabinet decision to bar Th Muivah from visiting his birth place, decision to bar Th.Muivah from entering his birth place, and subsequent repressive measures being adopted to ensure its decision.

"Terror and violence through military action will bring no solution to the conflict, peace and security can only be achieved by respecting the wishes of the people," the rights group said.