Hoho meets calls for unity
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Dimapur, May 08 2010: The Naga Hoho in its 'consultative meeting' today in Kohima has resolved that the Nagas will stand together as one nation.

"In view of the war that has been waged upon the innocent and unarmed Naga citizens by the Manipur State Government on May 6, we the Naga Hoho on behalf of the Naga people reiterate to support our historical rights to our ancestral lands", said the Naga Hoho statement issued by its Speaker HK Zhimomi and its general secretary P Chuba Ozukum.

In its resolutions which was made available to Newmai News Network this evening, the Naga Hoho said that much of the Nagas' lands and the Naga people have been dissected through colonial designs, "we solemnly declare and affirm that we are one nation and will stand together as a people".

The Naga Hoho also resolved that any attack on any of Naga people will be considered as an attack on the Naga nation.

"We consider the recent killings of our students, injury to hundreds of our innocent citizens and lootings and destructions of properties at villages in Mao Naga area by the Manipur Government as an open declaration of war against the Nagas," said the Naga Hoho.

It then resolved that any harm done to the Naga people presently "held hostage" in the Imphal valley will be countered by befitting actions.

"Henceforth, we derecognize any artificial boundary lines drawn across our ancestral lands in the present Manipur State," said the Naga Hoho, adding, "While we issue the above declarations, we express our solidarity with our Naga citizens in Manipur and elsewhere and declare that we shall ever stand together as a nation in defending our national rights to our national lands" .