State lobby group apprises Rahul Gandhi
Highlights toll by total blockade

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 03 2010: A team of senior citizens from Manipur led by retired Col Laishram Lokendra called on AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today and lodged a strong complaint against the manner in which Central Government and State Government are tackling the situation, which erupted after the State Government refused to grant permission to Muivah to visit his birth place.

Apprising Rahul Gandhi that the ongoing total blockade has completed 54 days, Lokendra said that so far the State Government has not taken up any concrete measures to overcome this problem of the continuing highway blockade.

Till date, the State Government has not made any announcement to take up any specific measure to overcome the blockade nor has it disclosed whether it was devising any policy or programme to tackle the issue, Lokendra informed the AICC General Secretary.

On the other hand, the Union Government has not been making any move as yet to redress the plight of the people.

Highlighting the untold miseries being faced by the people of Manipur, Lokendra said that such blockade is unimaginable in other States of India.

Even if there was such a blockade in any State of India other than Manipur, the Govt would have taken up necessary steps to overcome it.

But in Manipur, the Govt has been doing nothing though the blockade has completed 54 days.

Pointing the urgency of initiating some redressal measures, the team reportedly urged Rahul Gandhi to hold dialogues with armed groups within the constitution of India and to compromise the territorial integrity of Manipur under any circumstances, Lokendro conveyed to The Sangai Express.

After listening patiently to the complaints of the team, Rahul Gandhi stated that he would first examine the situation of Manipur and take up necessary steps.

The team also included retired Maj Yambem Angamba.