KSA urges State to rescue students
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, Jul 28: Taking serious note of the assertive campaign being undertaken by Naga Students' Federation (NSF) and its accomplices towards adoption of text books prescribed by NBSE in the private schools of four hill districts of Manipur, the Kangleipak Students' Assn (KSA) has urged the State Government to take up definite steps so as to neutralise the design of NSF and to safeguard the career of the students now being put under serious trouble.

A statement issued by KSA observed that the irresponsible treatment of the issue by the State Government would not be able to protect the career of the thousands of students in these districts.

The move to impose text books prescribed by NBSE which does not provide any room for studying their own languages is demeaning to the people of these districts, it remarked adding that it is a ploy to suppress the people of the four districts.

It said that those student bodies who incited students to burn their own textbooks could not be seen as working for the student community.

Such a move to switch over to a new syllabi in the middle of the academic session would be of irreparable loss to the innocent students.

It alleged that the campaign is the handiwork of some enemies of the students.