Two NRL TTs disappear, 74 TTs report to IOC to lift fuel today
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 25 2010: Amidst the persistent problem of fuel shortage, two oil tankers travelling along NH-53 have disappeared without a trace while on their way to Imphal.

According to a reliable source, the two fully loaded oil tankers belonging to NRL disappeared between Keithelmanbi and Khuman Lampak.

Thirteen fully loaded oil tankers of IOC and two loaded tankers of NRL arrived at Keithelmanbi late last night.

The two NRL tankers were carrying petrol and diesel separately.

The NRL tankers carrying petrol has registration number AS04B-2298 and the one carrying diesel has registration number MN01-5247 .

All the oil tankers and other goods laden trucks which arrived at Keithelmanbi late last night were made to halt there by the police, awaiting escorts to accompany them to the 2nd IRB camp this morning.

The two NRL tankers with registration numbers AS04B-2298 and MN01-5247 were among the vehicles halted by the police at Keithelmanbi.

However this morning when police escorted the oil tankers to Khuman Lampak, the two NRL tankers failed to report at the 2nd IRB camp.

On the other hand, all the IOC tankers reported at the camp.

Altogether 16 oil tankers were brought to the IRB camp together with security escorts between yesterday and today.

So far, one oil tanker has been released, said an information received from 2nd IRB.

Till the time of filing this report, the two missing NRL tankers could not be traced or to which NRL pumps they have gone.

Meanwhile, 74 IOC oil tankers have reported at the Chingmeirong depot till this evening for departure tomorrow to bring fuel oils along NH-53, following the directives of the IOC on June 23 .

Due indent orders have been issued to the oil tankers which have reported to the IOC today.

The deadline set for the oil tankers to report to the IOC, Chingmeirong was 2 pm today and it was spelt out in clear cut terms that any tanker failing to report would be penalised under the terms and conditions signed between the transporters and the IOC.

The oil tankers will be escorted by the State police till the border of the State.

The IOC directives came after a meeting with the DGP on June 23 .

Talking to The Sangai Express a petrol pump owner said that they do have oil tankers attached to them from private parties.

In case any of the oil tankers refuse to comply with the set rules and regulations and fail to report to IOC within 15 days after lifting the fuel, payment of the transporters will be withheld.

Notice can also be served by the IOC to any recalcitrant transporters, while pump owners may also recommend to the IOC to take up action against transporters not co-operating.

In such cases, the transporters may be black listed and their contract to ferry fuel with the IOC may be terminated or suspended.

The pump owner further said that NRL follows a slightly different mode.

NRL tankers do not have to report to the IOC here, and oil tanker has to off load their fuel at specific oil pumps as directed.

The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and the Government of Assam are also share holders in the NRL.

On the other hand, three fully loaded oil tankers, two belonging to IOC carrying diesel of 12 KL capacity and one belonging to NRL carrying petrol of 20 KL capacity have arrived.

All three oil tankers have reported at 2nd IRB post located at Khuman Lampak.

Awaiting Govt allocation, the NRL oil tanker are stationed at the IRB camp till late morning today.