Photos to be shown in Bangkok
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 14 2010: The five day long photo exhibition organized by Federation of Regional Indigenous Society (FRIENDS) on extortion and violation of human rights by NSCN(IM) concluded today at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul.

Speaking in the concluding function, the President of FRIENDS, Sapam Jadumani said that as per the suggestions given by the viewers of the photo exhibition, the same exhibition will be held at other Indian states as well as in Bangkok, the venue of meeting between NSCN(IM) and Indian government.

Jadumani further said that national and international media began to question why Th Muivah was not allowed to visit his birth-place at Somdal.

Considering that the correct reply cannot be given sufficiently only in words, the photo exhibition was organized to show the true characters of Th Muivah and NSCN(IM) to the world.

The photo exhibition showed to the world not only the atrocities committed on Kukis by NSCN(IM) but also crimes committed by NSCN(IM) on other communities including Meeteis, Kabuis, Tangkhuls and others.