MPP to monitor NCSN(IM)-GOI talks
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 10 2010: Manipur People Party (MPP) today said that the party has formed a monitoring committee to relook into the peace talk between NSCN (IM) and Government of India while announcing that the party reaffirmed its decision not to allow Muivah's proposed visit in the state.

The party working committee meet once again reviewed the chaotic situation in the state arising out of proposed visit of Muivah in the state, said its president Dr Nimaichand Luwang to reporters in a briefing at the party office today.

The working committee has also decided to form a monitoring committee to review the progress of the peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and GOI, he said.

The meeting thoroughly discussed on the chaotic situation of the state in the wake of proposed visit of Muivah in the state and breakdown of government functioning due to the ongoing cease work strike of the employees of the state government.

Observing that due to the cease work strike of the employees, functioning of the government is totally paralyzed, he urged for ending the impasse between the employees and government saying that it is not the time remain in such situation when the state is crucial stage.

The demands of the employees are rightful one.

Government can negotiate with the payment of their arrears on installment basis.

Both sides should back from stances backward and bring about an agreement at the earliest, Nimaichand demanded.

MPP also welcome the ruling of the Gauhati High Court with regard to banning of imposition of economic blockade on the national highways.

Government should translate the court order into action.

Even if the NH-39 could not be used, government should ensure procurement of essential commodities through the NH-53 and 150 .

Observing that NSCN(IM) campaign for Naga integration has create unrest in the state, Nimaichand said the party has formed a committee to monitor the progress of the peace talk which intended to relief the people of the state from repeated woe by the fall out of the talks.

He also revealed that Muivah is attempting to enter the state as per agreement signed when the then United Naga Integration Council was merged to the party.

In the agreement signed in August 4, 1972, Congress assured that the party will not give any obstruction in naga integration.

The Centre had given the permission to enter Muivah in the state under the agreement, Nimaichand charged adding that until and unless the agreement is declared invalid the chaotic situation of Naga integration issue will be prevalent in the state, he said.

Knowing this fact, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee should press the All India Congress Committee to delete the point from the agreement, Nimaichand demanded. He also announced that MPP will stage a sit-in protest on May 12 starting from 11 am till 3 pm in front of its office.

O Joy who also present at the briefing demanded that Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly should resolved the matter of resignations tendered by seven MLAs of hills at the earliest.

While talking about fund rising activities of the NSCN (IM), he said that the annual budget of outfit is from 150 million dollar to 200 million dollar.

They raised the fund by way of drug trafficking, looting banks and extortion from the people.

Twenty percent of the fund is raised from drug trafficking while 50 percent from road tax imposed on the highways in the state.