Muivah makes stand clear to Pandey during Tuesday talk
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Kohima, June 01 2010: "One cannot simply rule out the history of the Nagas and anyone trying to rule out the inspiration of the Nagas can never be accepted by the Nagas," said NSCN-IM general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah while New Delhi's emissary RS Pandey assured that nothing is imposed on each other (Nagas and the Government of India) .

Emerging from a three-hour long meeting with delegates of the Central Government at The Heritage (Old DC Bungalow) in the heart of Kohima today, Muivah said, "We understand their problem and that's why we are exercising patience.

We hope the Government of India will come forward and solve the problem" .

Muivah coming out with RS Pandey after the talk at Kohima

Later, T Muivah and RS Pandey held a joint press conference after the talks today in Kohima.

Addressing the media, the NSCN (I-M) general secretary said sincere efforts were being made by both sides to solve the Naga political problem.

On the issue of sovereignty Muivah struck a tough pose and said "sovereignty lies with the Naga people".

Interlocutor in the Naga peace talks, RS Pandey, said the contiguous Naga-inhabited areas could be integrated only when there was a 'consensus'.

"Consensus is needed to alter boundaries.

But at the same time, the aspirations of the Nagas cannot be ignored," Pandey told reporters.

Stating that the peace talks were in headed in the right direction, Pandey said that both sides are committed and seriously working for a negotiated settlement.

"We are keen to solve the problem at the earliest.

However, as the issue is very sensitive, we have to go ahead seriously and carefully," Pandey said.

Putting the onus on the shoulder of the Centre, Muivah said, "Inspite of difficulties the Government of India should solve the Naga political problem at the earliest" .

The Centre has, meanwhile, invited the NSCN (I-M) leader to New Delhi for the next round of talks.

The dates will be finalized very soon, NSCN (I-M) sources said.

On the invitation from the Government of India to the NSCN-IM for talks in New Delhi, Th.Muivah said that the outfit would consult with the Naga people in this regard.

On the stand off in Manipur over his proposed visit to Manipur, Thuingaleng Muivah said, "It was the creation of Manipur and not the Nagas" .

While boarding his vehicle before leaving The Heritage, when a reporter asked about his visit to Manipur, Muivah replied, "No one can stop me" .

The NSCN (I-M) entered into a ceasefire with the Centre in 1997.Since then, the two sides have held over sixty rounds of talks both within and outside the country.

However, a solution continues to elude the Nagas.

The NSCN (I-M) demands the creation of Greater Nagaland by slicing off the Naga-inhabited areas of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh despite strong opposition by these three states.

The Nagaland Assembly passed resolutions on four occasions endorsing integration.

The ruling DAN (Democratic Alliance of Nagaland) Government said it was the desire of the Nagas to live as one people under one administrative unit.