KLAM appeals for understanding history
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 21 2010: The Kangleipak Loinasillon Apunba Marup (KLAM) today urged the government of India to respect the aged old history of Manipur with whole heartedly and convinced the Nagas to stop demanding slicing part of Manipur in building up its unity.

Manipur state is among the countries of the world having its own aged old civilization surrounded by ranges of mountains and having small valleys like Khoupum, Dzuko etc in the midst of the ranges, the KLAM in its statement said.

From the early period of time, the biggest valley in the middle of the hill ranges was known as Meitei Tampak.

Truly Manipur (Kangleipak) is among the oldest country of the world civilizations existing since time immemorial.

As the state is formed by both valley and hills, both hill people and valley people reside together like brother and sister.

The sites for origin of the people of both valley and hills still exist in the hill areas.

Certain dark part of the history sometimes broke the harmony of the people of the state.

Contrary to expectation of the people from the revolutionary groups to keep on alarming the people from communal harmony, some are activities hate each other among the communities and break the unity of the people, the statement observed.

The word Naga is not accompanied with the history of the region is known to all.

While burning wildfire in Nagaland, the fire is spreading to the neighbouring.

"Let the hill people beware of it," KLAM appealed.