Khundrakkpam raises voice against Muivah's visit
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 19 2010: Taking part in raising voice against the Th Muivah's planned to enter the state, sit-in demonstration was staged at as many as 16 places in Khundrakpam Assembly Constituency in Imphal east today.

Some of the sit-in demonstrations was organised collectively by womenfolk of three to four localities together while in some others students of school nearby the localities took part.

Chairman, Shailei of Mapao Keithelmanbi who took part in one of the sit-in demonstrations at market place at her locality lamented that the Muivah's attempt to enter the state has cracked in the brotherhood love bond of the different communities residing in the state since time immemorial.

If Muivah happened to enter the state, the bond of love will be broken, she feared.

Placards with slogans like, "We are against Muivah entering the state, no to Greater Nagaland, Manipur integrity should remain intact, we want peace not turmoil," etc were displayed.