Public meeting resolves to make NH-53 as state's lifeline
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 07 2010: Talkers at a public discussion organised by the United Club NH-53 held Sunday stressed the need for developing the NH-53 as lifeline of the people of Manipur for forever.

The public meeting was held at the community hall of the Lainingthou Khaplangba, Sagolband Moirang Leirak Machin.

C Upendra, retired Judge of the District and Session Judge presided over the meeting which many intellectuals including members of the bodies of transport operators took part.

Speaking at the meeting, C Upendra observed that as per the National Highway Authority Act, it is the responsibility of the Government of India.

Even though, the Act has the provisions for taking up appropriate actions against the restrictions in the movement of people and in the ferry of goods on the highways and punish them, when economic blockade imposes on the national highway portions, Centre as well as state government could not do nothing.

Even the national highways in the state were blocked for 56 days by ANSAM sponsored economic blockade and police department processing for declaring "Wanted" to the leaders of the ANSAM has indicated that police could not go to the place where the leaders stayed and arrest them.

Police should conducted manhunt operations and arrest them by anyhow, he insisted.

Upendra further asked why Manipur government could not set up highway protection force when the Tripura government can do it.

The NH39 has become a resourceful sector for the NSCN (IM) and other underground outfits in raising their funds.

Due to imposition of heavy and innumerable illegal taxes on the NH-39, prices of the essential commodities are sky-rocketed in the state.

As for example, a cement bag which cost Rs 220 in Guwahati is sold at Rs 450 in Imphal as undergrounds collected more than Rs 8000 per truck load of cement while ferrying the item from Guwahati to Imphal on the NH-39, he said.

ANSAM who had tortured the people of the state by imposing economic blockade for 52 days on the NH-39, once again come up with the same stir to torture the people.

As a result of NSCN (IM), the inter-state relationship between Nagaland and Manipur has been affected greatly.

Nagaland DGP asked government of Manipur not to send vehicle in the state.

The relationship will be worsening further so long as NSCN (IM) is active.

In such situation, it is a must for the state to develop the NH-53 as the main lifeline of the state.

Director of JN Dance Academy, Dilip Mayengbam observed that a few section of the people is playing with the NH-39 in the state for long time.

Within the Nagaland state also, Manipur vehicles and travelers are not free from facing various kinds of torture.

Despite all this, government takes serious in improving the NH-53 and remaining keeping its view on the NH-39.What is the reason behind it, he asked.

If the NH-53 be developed and keeps as alternative means, the Nagaland could not take any bold steps against the interest of the people of Manipur.

State government lacked of commitment behind the bad condition of the NH-53, he criticized.

He also pointed out that the badly deteriorated portion of the NH-53 is from Barak to Jiribam.

Most of the bridges located at this portion are weak.

If the state authority takes full initiatives in the improvement, it is nothing to develop the portion within a short period of time.