Ukhrul meet endorses peace process
Source: The Sangai Express / Addie

Ukhrul, June 05 2010: "An in-teractive public talk on NSCN (IM) general secreta-ry Th Muivah's journey of peace and truth was orga-nised by Tangkhul Coordination Committee (TCC) here at Town Hall Ukhrul today.

The programme was initiated to acknowledge the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process under the leadership of Th Muivah, the Ato Kilonser of NSCN-IM and to welcome his home coming.

Lectures on different to-pics like Mao gate and the aftermath, role of intellectuals in people's movements, women's participation, challenges for the youth, power of prayer were delivered under the theme "journey of peace and truth" .

The convenor of TCC Ramthing Hungyo while addressing the public said Nagas' struggle for their right is a mass movement and democratic movement which germinates from the struggle that has been made by the committed soldiers who have laid down their lives for the sake of their nation.

Drawing the attention of the public the convenor lamented that every Naga should strife towards ensuring a self-rule.

Justifying the proposed visit of Th Muivah to his birth place Ramthing said, "Since NSCN is not a ban-ned organisation, the intention of Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh to prevent him (Muivah) from entering Manipur has nothing to do with the possible disintegration of Manipur State but it is only to gain people's support to remain in the chair as Chief Minister.

Unfortunately Ibobi is emotionalising the people of Manipur by using orga-nisations such as United Committee Manipur, he asserted.

Stressing on the need to stand up in unity at this crucial juncture, he said "We are in 21st century in which everything moves in a fast pace and that we the Nagas also need to react and act fast" .

"Else our enemies will take advantage of our stubbornness," he cautioned.

Recalling the Mao Gate incident in which two innocent students were killed and many injured, UNC speaker, S Milan said, that Ibobi's decision to deploy thousands of State forces at Mao Gate is a deliberate attempt and an open challenge to suppress the right of the Nagas.

Despite New Delhi conveying a clear message about the visit of Th Muivah to his birth place, it is really unfortunate on the part of Ibobi to send thousands of his armed personnel to the nearest neighbouring village of Nagaland to claim two innocent lives, Milan rued.

On the stand of the Nagas to live under a single administration, the Speaker said if any Naga is victimised for the cause of the Naga Nation UNC will never compromise.

"UNC is the head of a spear while people are its body," he further said.

Lecturer Pettigrew College Dr H Shimreingam, TSL president Silla J Konghay, TKS president AS Wung-naoshang, Pastor (UBC) Aping Khamrang also spoke as resource persons.