Rebuilding psychological integrity need of the hour:Tangkhul body
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network

Imphal, June 02 2010: The Tangkhul Peoples' Organisation, Imphal (TPOI) today urged the civil society organizations of the Imphal valley 'to exercise the yardstick of rights in denouncing state terrorism and in advancing for human rights campaign'.

The TPOI president SW.

Tharmi Shimray also urged the valley based organisations to 'rebuild psychological integration which is the need of the hour instead of lashing out with the abstract words "Manipur integrity"' .

The TPOI president pointed out that the Nagas have experienced the complete exodus from Imphal valley in 2001 due to arrogant prevailing nature and situation in those days.

"The Nagas desire to live together as one people, is challenge with slogan of 'territorial integrity.

As matter of fact, we are still safeguarding our inherent rights over our land fighting the hegemonic intention of the government of Manipur to intrude into our land holding system and opposing transfer of ownership to outsiders," said the Tangkhul organisations.

It then suggested that the campaigns of the Manipur government and the majority community in the valley should concentrate towards nurturing for better ties with the Nagas.

On the stalemate in connection with the proposed visit of Th.Muivah, TPOI cited that government of Manipur's opposition to the visit was based on the imagined apprehension followed by United Committee Manipur (UCM)'s over night changes of its position which led to common mass anti-Muivah campaigns throughout the valley areas'.

Pointing out the status of Muivah, the TPOI claimed that Muivah is a person who refused a post of 'under-secretary' in the government set-up offered by the then Chief Commissioner J.M.Raina ( ICS ) in those days.

Instead Th Muivah led the Naga fighters on foot to China across the jungle marking the history of guerrilla warfare.

The Tangkhul body then said that 'today this die hard leader is able to bend the Government of India for political talks after impressing upon many others with the Naga history rights'.