UNLF poohs-poohs 50 pc turn out claim
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 27: Refuting the claim of the Election office that the voter turn-out in the Inner seat was between 50 and 55 percent, the UNLF today said that the figure furnished by the Government was nothing but a result of booth rigging and mass scale proxy voting.

In a statement today, UNLF said that the turn out was not even 10 percent before 2 pm.

However as time wore on some voters came out in trickles at some polling stations to cast their vote and even then the figure could not have reached 20 percent, it said and claimed the turn out percentage given by the Election office was nothing but a result of mass scale rigging and proxy voting.

The outfit further said that its cadres did not try to interrupt the polls proceeding and instead preferred to lie low to see who supports the Indian rule and this observation has helped it to know the true colours of some people.

The fact that over 70 percent of the people did not come out to vote is ample proof that the people of Manipur now longer wants the Indian rule to continue, said UNLF and added that the show of solidarity by the people will give a fresh impetus to the revolutionary movements.

The time has also come for all communities to shed their narrow outlook and work for the interest of Manipur.