Escaped kid narrates tales of woes
Source: The Sangai Express

Jiribam, July 25: "We were told to join the party and proper training would be given" recounted the 16 years of Hussein Ahamad son of Abdul Jabar of Lilong Chingkham Mamang who manage to escape from the clutches of his armed kidnappers.

When I demanded to know what rights do they have in kidnapping me, I was gun-butted on the right shoulder and told not to speak up", the young boy recalled.

Narrating the ordeal he went through while talking to mediapersons at Islamic Public School, Tamyai today said that Hussein Ahamed a class X student of the schhool, recalled that at around 7 am yesterday while he was going to ths house of the school principal at Lilong Turel Ahanbi Upak Thong Mathak when four unidentified persons coming in a Van caught hold of his hand and dragged him inside the moving vehicle.

Once inside the Van, he remembered his mouth beeing gagged and then loss his consciousness.

When he regained connsciousness in the evening he found himself lying on a top of a hill with around 10 armed persons standing on guard.

As the evening advances, he heard the armed persons talking about making arrangement meal for the night and with the exception of one armed guard all others left the area.

When the lone armed guard also went to the toilet, he took advantage of the situation and fled from there running down the hill.

After climbing down 'the hill, he landed at Khongjom where he met some people and told them about his escape.

He was taken care of by the people there and the president of AYC Khongjom informed the family members about his whereabouts.

Later on he was handed over to the custody of SDPO Thoubal from whom the family members picked him up at around 10.30 pm.

Chingkham Mamang Development Organisation has strongly condemned the incident and appealed to all concerned to ensure such incidents do not recur in the future.

The organisation has also expressed its gratitude to the local club and people of Khongjom.

On the other hand, thousand of people gathered at Kakching Bazar staging a sit-in-protest today shouting slogans against kidnapping of young children and to allow them to study in peace.

Apart from students from 18 different schools of the surrounding area, members of Thoubal District United Women's Developpment Organisation, Kakchhiug Bazar Business Welfare Association and Joint Non Government Voluntary Orrganisation also participated in the protest demonstration.

After the demonstraation, the protestors also unanimously adopted some resolutions including stepping up security measures by the police in Kakching Sub-Division and intelligence network to prevent recurring of child kidnapping incidents.