NH 53 worsen, day by day
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Daniel Kamei

Tamenglong, July 20 2010: The condition of NH 53 has been becoming worsening day by day as uncountable vehicles with heavy load has been passing through this bad road after indefinite economic blockade imposed on NH 39 by UNC and ANSAM for the last two months.

As the NH 53becomes awful state the passenger buses and Tata Sumos plying on NH 53 are now unwilling to ply on this road.

While exploring NH 53 between KhongsangImphal, and TamenglongKhongsang road it is sad and pitiable to learns that amidst the heavy rains passengers had to come down from vehicles and clear the mudslides and push their vehicles to cross the mudslides.

This reporter also witnessed passengers get down from their vehicles and clear landslides amidst heavy rains.

Apart from landslides, the worst place of pot holes, slush and sinking areas on NH 53 are between Rengpang to Jiribam..

Meanwhile, TamenglongKhongsang road too has deteriorated heavy rains since March this year.

The 59 km Tamenglong to Khongsang road was maintained by Boarder Road Task Force (BRTF) however, it was handed over to PWD Tamenglong division two years back.

It is also revealing that the PWD Tamenglong Division has not maintained the road till today.

It is also shocking to hear from poor cultivators who had extended their voluntary service to clear the landslides between TamenglongKhongsang road in the interest of the general public that they were not paid for their labour.

In the 59 Km between TamenglongKhongsang road more than 20 landslides remain uncleared.

With the early monsoon, all roads in the district have become awful, however, no one cares for the roads.

As a consequence Tamenglong to Tamei passenger bus service has been suspended since 29 May 2010 .

Source said that apart from landslides, all culverts had broke down.