COPA invites Th Muivah to visit Tamenglong
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Daniel Kamei

Tamenglong, May 13 2010: The Committee on Political Affairs, COPA Tamenglong District held a public meeting and extended welcome to Th Muivah, general secretary of NSCN/GPRN and requested to visit Tamenglong district.

A press released of COPA issued by its convener Thuiriangpou Panmei today stated that public of Tamenglong district salute the seven Naga MLAsAwangbou Newmei, Raina, Khashim Ruivah, Wungnaoshang Keising, Morung Mokunga, Thorii and Danny Shaiza for making great sacrifice by resigning from Manipur Legislative Assembly for the cause of the Naga people.

The meeting also decided to appeal to the three Naga MLAsGaikhangam, Khangthuanang Panmei and DD Thaisii to resign in protest against the most communal and cowardly barbaric act of O Ibobi Singh led SPF government for shooting and killing innocent Naga Youth at Mao gate on 6 May 2010 grievously injuring more than 87 people, the released stated.

The public of Tamenglong district expressed its solidarity to the suffering people of the Senapati district and decided to activate participate in the ongoing protest for the rights of the Naga, it stated.

Further the released also extend grateful to the general public and to the principal and students of various schools of Tamenglong for generously sparing a valuable time on the 7 May public rally in support of Th Muivah visit to Manipur.