Many waiting for security escort at Jiribam
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 11 2010: Month long blockade on the highways has suffered people of both hills and valley area a lot.

Even though government is planning to open the NH-53 for procurement of essential commodities and resumption of normal movement of vehicles, boulders and wood logs piling up on the stretch from Awang Khun to None are yet to clear.

This may delay in the government effort to open the road.

In the meanwhile, several Imphalites who were stranded at Jiribam on the way to Imphal due to imposition of bandh in the hill section of the highway were at receiving end due to prolong stay there.

Around 500 people from Imphal were staying at Jiribam for the last around one week waiting for arrival of security to escort back them upto Imphal.

They were taking shelters at various public places and schools.

Suffering people are demanding opening of relief camps for them there.

Among the stranded people, it includes a delegation of around 130 individuals comprising members of Meetei National Front.

Volunteers of AMSU, MSF and other civil organisations are extending helps to the suffering people .