Video footage of Mao Gate case screened before Ukhrul public
slur casts on Imphal based scribes
Source: The Sangai Express / A Chiphang/Athan Muivah

Imphal, May 30 2010: In a bid to sensitise the public with the facts of the May 6 Mao Gate firing incident, the Media Cell of Tangkhul Co-ordination Committee (TCC) organized a video screening here at TNL ground, where a recorded speech of Th Muivah, General Secretary of NSCN was also screened.

More than 10,000 people from all walks of life came to witness the video screening.

Some of the highlights of the video footage are : Muivah entering Viswema village, silent protest of the Naga people of the areas at Mao, IRB and Commando personnel of Manipur harassing and firing towards the peaceful protesters and the last funeral rites of the two victims—Loshou and Chakho—attended by many Naga civil organizations, mass protest at Mao denouncing the excess of Manipur Government, burning down of effigies of O Ibobi, NSUD storming Manipur Bhavan, and reaffirming their stand to welcome Muivah under any circumstances etc.

Gates erected at Ukhrul for the anticipated visit of Muivah

Exclusively speaking to The Sangai Express on the sidelines of the occasion, the convenor of TCC who is also the President of Tangkhul Naga Long, N Solomon said it has been felt necessary to initiate such programme to expose the truth behind the May 6th Mao Gate incident where peaceful Naga protestors demanding their rights were brutally assaulted by the Manipur State police forces claiming the lives of two Naga innocent students, Loshou and Chakho.

While appealing to the media in the State to stick to the ethics of journalism, the Convener alleged that especially, the Imphal Valley-based scribes who were stationed at the spot failed to expose the factual picture of the incident.

When the State Government has been reeling under the grip of security personnel, both State and Central forces for a long time it is hard to imagine and nothing can be so unfortunate than the manner in which valley civil society organizations had to remain silent without any effort to even condemn the brutal act of State commandos and IRB personnel who killed the two civilians so far, the Convener rued.

The Naga civilians were protesting against the State forces who were deployed by the Chief Minister to prevent Th Muivah from entering Manipur in a peaceful and democratic way, however with the barbaric act of the security personnel, two precious lives of the Nagas were snuffed out on that fateful day, he recalled.

More than 20 journalists were present at the spot while the unfortunate incident took place on May 6th, 2010.However, compromising their journalistic ethics, none of the Imphal valley-based reporters came out with the true picture of the incident, he said adding "This kind of report is a tailored story which is biased in nature".

The visit of Th.Muivah to his birthplace was willingly agreed by the Government of India knowing that Muivah is a peace negotiator but unfortunately, Ibobi had to show his confrontationist attitude by pumping a large number of state security personnel just to claim two innocent lives, he said adding that such act was like sending troops to the borders of other countries like China, Pakistan etc to wage a war.

"We the public can all go and ensure a free and safe passage of our leader, Th.Muivah to his home visit to Mao Gate but since we do not like to indulge in violent activities, we had to look for a very peaceful way out and the delay in his visit does not mean that our hope to receive him with warm and befitting reception has dwindled, he said.

On the issue of ADC election which has been boycotted by the Naga Civil society organization, the President, TNL said "action would be initiated sooner or later according to the resolution that has been adopted recently and with the directive of Naga Hoho and UNC" .

The Chief Minister of Manipur knows for himself the defect that has occurred in the present form of ADC Act and this can be easily be proved by his statement that necessary amendment or rectification will be made after the election but why can't he do the required things before the election based on the demand of the tribal people of Manipur, is not this a clear indication that Mr.Ibobi is not working for the welfare of the tribal people," he questioned.

If we could have waited for more than 20 years to conduct ADC election in the hill areas of Manipur, how come all of a sudden that Ibobi had to decide the 'go-ahead' with ADC election against the will of the people for whom such election has to be held and this is a clear message that Ibobi has in him a harmful intention for the hill people of the state, he asserted.

Meanwhile during a brief interaction with the leaders of NSCN, who were irked by the alleged biasness of the media report of the present issues concerning ADC election and the proposed visit of Th.Muivah to his birthplace, the latter urged that Manipur media should work without any partiality to deliver the accurate story about any incident.

Very often, we have been branded as the mastermind of any issues related to the Nagas but the reality is that we have always been rather supporting the civil society organizations who work for the welfare of the public, they said.

Citing the prevailing situation that stems from ADC election and the proposed visit of Muivah, the leaders said, "we will continue to support the demands of the Nagas who are working for the welfare of the people".

The Sangai Express also met the DC of Ukhrul, Ashok Kumar who maintained that the law and order situation of Ukhrul is under control as of now.

On asking what steps are being taken over the possible of the present issue that has also resulted in public agitations like burning down of government offices in the district, he said every efforts is being initiated to prevent any untoward incident adding that it is however hard to predict the emotions of public that may erupt any time.

The DC further stated that many government files have been lost in the fire and creates a lot of inconveniences and hardship for the locals.

Although the exact lost incurred in the district due to people's agitation so far in the district could not be available since it is under scanner to give the actual report, damages have been caused to 7 government offices and 3/4 vehicles of police department.

As per record of DC office, Ukhrul, the office buildings that have been found during the present impasse of Muivah's visit to his native place are SDO office Kamjong, SDO office, Phungyar and SDO office, Chingai, Ukhrul sericulture office, BDO office, LM Block, SDO office, Kasom Khullen, ZEO office, Ukhrul.

With the spirit of welcoming Muivah still soaring still high, many welcome gates are erected at Ukhrul Hqs and every village in the district.

Many banners and posters with the slogans "Th.Muivah, Ato Kilongser of GPRN Nagalim Must Come to His Native Place", "Homage to the departed soul of Loshou & Chakho – Your sacrifice will not be in vain", "Respect the Uniqueness of Naga history".

"Nagas oppose imposed legislation", "Remove all state forces from Nagalim", "Long Live Th.Muivah, Ato Kilongser, Nagalim & Dr.Manmahon Singh, PM of India", "Nagas are integrated and Unified with the supreme sacrifice of the heroes at Mao Gate", etc are seen at Ukhrul town.

While there are many volunteers at many strategic points to check vehicles for security reason, women in traditional attire are staging a sit-in protest at Gandhi Chowk Phungreitang every day since May 8th to demand the visit of Th.Muivah to his birth place.

Speech of Th Muivah at Viswema meet
If you do not stand your ground for your right, you are a lost Nation.

I believe we have a bright future and we have to work towards that goal.

I will never deceive nor back-slide from the commitment I have undertaken for my people and I also implore you all to stand firm on your ground too.

"Our" time is approaching very near and it is indeed very certain that we will overcome all obstacles and the long cherished dream of the Naga people will soon be at hand.

We are God's chosen people/Nation and if God be with us who can be against us? If you want to do something for the Nagas, Do It Now.