State govt rejects IM's allegations as baseless
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 29 2010: Hitting back at the charges hurled by the NSCN (IM) to the state Chief Minister, O Ibobi, spokesperson of the SPF government and IFCD and YAS Minister N Biren said that the allegations levelled against the Manipur government and Chief Minister O Ibobi are baseless, and the Secular Progressive Front government has no biased views toward the outlawed underground outfits.

All the citizens of the country are equally treated and when the quit notice was issued to the non-Manipuris by the RPF/PLA, the government had made its stand very clear that it would protect the non-Manipuris, and also has taken up security measures to prevent any untoward incident from occurring as the government is determined to face any kind of activity aimed against the interest of the country, a statement issued by the government signed by Spokesperson, N Biren asserted.

Connecting the RPF's quit notice with the Chief Minister, O Ibobi is the most extraneous act of the NSCN (IM), the Spokesperson said terming it as an unfounded allegation that the outlawed outfit is making such statement spewing communal venom to the people of different communities.

The Government of Manipur has been trying its best not to disturb the harmony of the people of different communities when the NSCN-IM general secretary, Th Muivah tried to enter the state in an illegal manner, the statement added.

Clarifying that the SPF government is not for a single community, all communities living in the state, whether they may be Kuki, Naga, Meitei and Meitei Pangal, are all Manipuris.

This government will not remain silent with some actors (state or non-state) trying to create clashes among the different communities.

NSCN (IM) is not an underground outfit which represents all the sections of the Naga people.

It is an unlawful outfit formed by some people only.

Everyone knows this.

People of Manipur should know this too, Minister Biren said in his statement.

A clear example of this is that the NSCN-IM was trying to forbid the long suppressed democratic rights of the people of the state by threatening the hill people not to participate in the ADC elections in collusion with some of its frontal organisations, he said.

The NSCN (IM) has been trying to suppress the constitution of the ADCs in the hill areas because once the ADCs come to power, it will not be possible for the NSCN-IM's armed cadres to collect funds from the government officials by threatening them at gunpoint.

Its cadres, with their utmost efforts, imposed public curfew at gunpoint and threatened the villagers not to come out and participate in the elections, the Spokesperson pointed out.

Despite, its utmost efforts, people were coming out as they knew that the people's power is the Almighty's power, and trying to get their democratic rights.

The Government is also trying its best to deliver the democratic rights to the people.

The Government will never at any cost compromise the rights of the people, Minister Biren categorically asserted in his statement.

The Government is also trying its best to rescue the people from suffering from the economic blockade imposed by some "frontal organisations of NSCN (IM) working under its policy.

The incident of May 6 last at Mao gate was an unfortunate incident.

The state force was detailed there to prevent Th Muivah from entering Manipur.

Muivah is a militant leader, who intended to break the territory of Manipur to form Greater Nagaland, and was involved in killing of hundreds of Kuki women and children, prominent Tangkhul leaders, government officials apart from looting people and vehicles on the two national highways in the state, burning of vehicles, imposition of unbearable "illegal tax".

The deployment of state force was not for torturing or harassing the people in Mao area.

The curfew at Mao gate was imposed considering the heightened tension there in the wake of Muivah's attempt to enter the state.

The Government had already initiated inquiry into the incident in which two persons' lives were lost and several others injured.

If any of the security personnel was found acting outside the purview of the law, they will be punished as per law, the statement assured.

While people are facing the extreme limit of sufferings due to the total blockade on the NH-39, and in the aftermath of the Mao gate incident, it is the duty of the government to prevent any untoward incident from happening on the NH-53 .

People residing in Mao, Ukhrul, Noney and Chandel areas are the people of the state.

The Government knows that its forces will not treat them as enemy in war.

Keeping this in mind, the government had sent a team led by MPCC Chief Gaikhangam and held talks with the people of Noney.

The Government has the information that in the aftermath of the Mao incident, around 2000 womenfolk of Noney of Tamenglong marched a protest rally.

In that situation, the government had not used force despite having enough manpower in hand when the tension among the people got heightened up.

On this ground, the government decided to procure the essential items from Mizoram and airlift the essential commodities to reduce the people from the clutch of shortage of day-to-day need items.

Still the government is trying its best to import the essential commodities, revealed the lengthy statement of N Biren.

At the same time, it is ridiculous that a man brought back the goods trucks on NH-53 from Jiribam, of which some stretch of the highway is dominated by the NSCN (IM), without full security coverage.

It can be asked whether it was done by communicating with the blockade supporters, the statement reacting to Minister Irabot's recent activities, pointed out without mentioning his name.

The Government has been convening series of cabinet or security or SPF legislators' meetings from April 12 last mainly to discuss the deployment of security on NH-53 .

On May 18, the Chief Minister held a close door security meeting where officials of IOC and FCS among others attended, and decided to escort back the freight trucks stranded at Jiribam on May 21.But unfortunately, a man (referring to Minister Irabot without directly mentioning his name) after knowing the secret information, took the opportunity and tried to fool the people as if it was because of his personal ability and courage that the large number of trucks were brought to Imphal on NH-53 .

In protecting the two national highways, state security force, CRPF, Assam Rifles and BSF are facing outmost hardship.

For them government as well as people are with them.

People should understand the corporation extended by the people of Tamenglong particularly residing on both sides of the highway and praised them.

Keeping this mind, security forces should also take outmost care not to repeat yesterday's incident at Noney.

Whether it may be state force or central force, they should not be done any act which would heart the sentiments of the people.

If the personnel involved in the incident are found acting unlawfully, they will be punished as per law.

Government is expressing shock to the injure three persons in the incident and adequate compensation will be paid to them, the statement assured.