DPP, MNC put common choice decision on hold
Final decision to be taken on Apr 2, FPM to support Kirn Gangte, Rosangzuala files paper

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 29: The consensus candidate of the Opposition Democratic Peoples' Alliance (DPA) for the Outer seat will be decided when DPA's partners - MNC and DRPP take a final decision on April 2, the date slated for scrutinizing the candidates of the same seat.

Mention may be made here that DPA had resolved to field its consensus candidate Dr L Chandramani Singh of FPM in the Inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency on March 27 however it failed to put up its nominee for the Outer seat as two of its partners, the MPP and JDU (U) stuck to their candidates Kim Gangte and Rosangzuala respectively for the Outer seat.

Since MPP has sacrificed the Inner seat to the FPM and withdrawn the name of Dr Nimaichand Luwang from the race and agreed to support Dr Chandramani as the common candidate of DPA, FPM has also decided to support the MPP's nominee Kim in the Outer.

Meanwhile, DRPP and MNC, two important partners of the Opposition DPA have not taken any decision on the matter.

When contacted, S Natum the lone MLA of MNC told The Sangai Express that he along with Udoy Thongam president of DRPP held a meeting at his (Natum) residence today and discussed at length on the crucial issue.

The two parties finally decided to wait till the scrutiny date (April 2) for spelling out their stance on whether to support the JD (U) candidate or Kim Gangte of MPP.

He also disclosed that the JD (U) candidate had filed his nomination papers today and Kim would do the same tomorrow.

"If one of the two candidates withdraw their nomination papers on or before April 2 subsequently we will support the remaining valid candidate and if not, we would decide on who to support on the same date", Natum said.

On the other hand MPP president O Joy remarked that the party has already projected Kim for the Outer seat and added that it is upto the DPA to nominate her as its consensus candidate.

Meanwhile Gangmumei Kamei, FPM's vice president confirmed that the FPM party would support Kim.

At this juncture, the question of a common candidate for the Outer seat is left to the wisdom of MNC and DRPP, he added.

Asked about the drafting of FPM manifesto, Gangmumei stated that the manifesto will be termed as a DPA manifesto as all the constituent members of DPA will share their issues and policy programmes in it.

Within a day or two the manifesto would be brought out, he said adding that FPM would insert regional autonomy, federalism, territorial integrity, peaceful coexistence, globalization, human rights etc in the proposed manifesto.

Meanwhile Rosangzuala filed his nomination papers today to contest from the Outer seat as a candidate of the JD (U).

Announcing this to media persons, president of JD (U) Soso Lorho said that as the DPA is yet to take a final decision on fielding a consensus candidate in the Outer, the JD (U) decided to nominate Rosangzuala from the Outer seat today.

However the DPA will continue holding talks to find a consensus candidate till April 2, when the scrutiny will be held.

If a consensus candidate still eludes the DPA, then the JD (U) will engage the MPP candidate Kim Gangte in a friendly fight, he added.

The central leadership of the JD (U) had already decided to field its candidate in the Outer, even before the MPP had picked Kim Gangte, he added.

DRPP president Udoy Thongam, who was also present at the media briefing said that his party has decided not to announce its stand on who it will support yet, as it may disintegrate the DPA.