Parents of Martin and Hubert bare their hearts to TSE
Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, January 28: The Sangai Express sent a reporter to Senapati today to get a first hand account from the parents of Martin and Hubert as well as the Core Committee members.

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Although various underground organisations have started investigating the kidnapping case of the two children from Senapati on December 14 last year and have even reportedly taken into custody many suspects, the family members of the children have expressed apprehension that the case may remain unsolved like that of Baby Lungnila Elizabeth.

In connection with the case, NSCN (I-M) has reportedly taken into custody nine suspects while two suspects have been rounded up by the UNLF, two others by KNF and one suspect by KRA for further interrogation.

Talking to mediapersons today, family members of the two kidnapped children studying in class III in Don Bosco School, Senapati earnestly appealed to all those who are investigating the case to find out the identities of the kidnappers to ensure that it does not become yet another unsolved case like that of Baby Lungnila Elizabeth.

Parents of the two kidnapped kids shed a tear of anguish and frustration with only their photographs to console them

All those involved in the kidnapping should be arrested and befitting punishment given to them, they insisted.

The whereabouts of Moheni Martin (10), son of K Daili Mao who is the branch manager of SBI Senapati and Hriini Hubert (10), son of Arow Joseph who is the Assistant Inspector (AI) of Manipur North District Council have been not known after they were kidnapped for ransom.

The two children are studying not just in the same class (class III in Don Bosco School, Senapati) but they are also said to be inseparable playmates.

Mothers of the two kidnapped children are also cousin sisters.

After coming out from Church where she had gone to pray for the well-being of her youngest son, K Komuni, mother of Hubert (she has four kids) said she still believes her son is alive and pleaded to all concerned to secure the release of her child from the clutches of the kidnappers.

Expressing concern about the well-being of her son in the chilly winter season, she said, with tears brimming in her eyes, "I always sleep hugging Hubert, otherwise he never falls asleep'.

Father of Hubert said his family does not have enmity with anyone.

"The kidnappers have already taken Rs 5 lakhs from us, but till today they have not set my son free," he said adding that the kidnappers never allowed them to talk to his son on the phone, although they always rang up demanding the ransom amount.

"Though born in a tribal family, Hubert does not eat meat and relish vegetarian food.

He is very quiet by nature and is good at drawing and singing...", the heartbroken father said unable to complete his sentence.

After taking a deep sigh, he added, "We are waiting for their return, and please tell all the civil organisations and people to help us in securing their release." Daili, father of Martin recalled the two kids were playing video games at home when they were called out and kidnapped by the unknown persons.

"Though still a child, my son is God fearing and likes milk a lot," he said , while informing that his wife and mother of Martin, Juliana Vesa had gone to Dimapur to pray to God to help them in securing the two kids.

Daili also played the phone conversation they had with one of the kidnappers which was recorded on his mobile phone.

In the recorded conservation, the kidnappers distinctly mentioned that the family members should comply with their monetary demand, if they do not wish to meet the same fate of Francis Ngajokpa.

The kidnappers also threatened to kill the children if the ransom amount is not.

Hubert's father crying on the phone pleading with the kidnappers to let him talk to the two children is also heard in the recorded conversation.

Saying that the investigation conducted by NSCN (I-M) in connection with the case of Baby Lungnila Elizabeth had not brought the desired result, Daili, nonetheless, fervently appealed to the outfit to do justice this time and find out the culprits and punish them accordingly.

Talking to mediapersons, Solomon Vieno, chairman of the Core Committee formed in connection with the case, said in response to the appeal of the Committee, UG groups have informed that many suspects have been taken into their respective custody.

NSCN (I-M) has conveyed that nine suspects including two Tangkhuls, four Zeliangrongs, one Mao, one Paomai and one Anal have been taken into custody, UNLF two suspects (both Meeteis), KRA one Kuki suspect, KNA two suspects including one Meetei and one Kuki , Solomon said, adding that these UG groups have also agreed to produce all these suspects at an appropriate place for questioning to establish the truth.

The chairman lamented that at the time of kidnapping of Baby Lungnila Elizabeth, various organisations based at the valley extended their support, but this time no support has come forth.

He also appealed for support and co-operation from all the organisations in securing the safe release of the two kidnapped children.

The chairman further informed that no response has been received on the proposal submitted to the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary for instituting a State level search committee to find out the whereabouts of the missing kids.

It may be noted here that the police have arrested one Gailung who is allegedly involved in the kidnapping and lodged him in the jail.

"Let us find out the truth, let us eliminate the gang involved in the kidnapping of innocent children for ransom, let us support each other," Solomon exhorted.