Investigation into bird flu scare
Bird flu symptoms found in dead fowls
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 19: It is not yet the official confirmation about the presence of the virus that causes bird flu in Manipur, but it has come to light that many of the 132 fowls which perished at a chicken farm located within Imphal Municipality Council in Imphal West a few days back, showed symptoms similar to other birds which died of bird flu.

Two scientists from outside the State have also arrived at Imphal today.

Speaking to The Sangai Express a highly reliable source said that many of the fowls which perished on a wide scale range at the said farm showed symptoms of birds suffering or dying from bird flu.

Informing that the incubation period of bird flu is about three days, the source said that the major symptoms of the disease include swelling of the head and face, excess lacrimination, diarrhoea etc.

All these symptoms were visible on the fowls which perished at the farm, said the source.

Some of the dead fowls were brought to the State Veterinary hospital on July 10, said the source and added that the post mortem report had not mentioned Ranikhet at all.

Ranikhet is another disease which can claim fowls but is harmless to humans.

The incubation period of bird flu in case of human beings is yet to be established on a universally acceptable premises, said the source.

However a person infected by the virus will suffer from cough, fever and muscle pain.

The report that the samples of the fowls have also been sent to the National Institute of Virology at Pune apart from sending it to the laboratory at Bhopal indicates that the Government wants to be doubly assured before coming to a final conclusion, added the source.

To tackle any eventualities in the future, the Rapid Response Team has been put on high alert in all the districts said the source and added that steps will also be taken up to provide round the clock service by the Rapid Response Team.

If needed all domestic birds will also be vaccinated from the village level.

Medicines like Tami flu is effective in treating infected humans.

To discuss the situation, a meeting between officials of the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department and the Chief Secretary was held some time back, further said the source.

Signs and symptoms
Highly contagious
Rapidly fatal diseases may result in severe epidemics
Abnormal respiratory sounds
Excessive lacrimmation
Swelling of head and face
Haemorrhages below the skin
Bluish discolouration of comb and wattle
Stoppage of laying eggs.