Women's team returns home, Memorandum submitted
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, September 18: The representatives of All Manipur Women's Council returned to Imphal after visiting Nagaland to apprise the Nagaland government about the Piphema incident and cases of extortion, looting on national highway number 39.The Nagaland Chief Minister SC Jamir however said he is not feeling well so he requested the delegates from Manipur to submit the memorandum to an IG of Nagaland police.

The All Manipur Women's Council a frontal organization of 82 women's organizations decided to appeal to Manipur and Nagaland government to protect the dignity of women and protect the passengers on national highway no 39 after the Piphema incident.

A memorandum was submitted to the Chief Minister of Manipur on September 15 by members of AMWOC.

The next day it set off for Nagaland however due to some communication gap the 136 member team were stopped at Sekmai by Manipur police.

The team spent the night at Sekmai.

The Convenor of the Council N Kananbala today said in a press statement that the residents of Sekmai helped them a lot.

All the women were given food and shelter.

All shops were also closed down as a sign of support to those who came.

The Sekmai PCO also extended free service to all.

Women organizations of Maharabi, Tendoyan, Motbung came out in large numbers.

The next day the team went ahead for Nagaland with an escort team.

It stopped at Mao gate.

The DGP Manipur informed his counterpart in Nagaland that a team will be coming to submit a memorandum to the Nagaland CM.

With an IGP of Nagaland as Liaison Officer a team of Nagaland police came to welcome the team.

The women's team from Manipur alongwith the security from Manipur proceeded towards Kohima.

An IGP welcomed the team and he briefed the team about the steps taken up to ensure that the Piphema incident is not repeated.

When the Chief Minister of Nagaland was informed about the matter he said he is not well so he will not be able to meet anybody.

Four times the IGP sent messages to the CM however the same reply was given.

The CM instructed the CM to receive the memorandum on his behalf.

After discussing for some time it was decided to go again to Kohima to meet the CM and submit the memorandum to the IG of Police, Nagaland.

The team was escorted upto Mao gate.