592 freight trucks head back for Imphal on NH 53
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 17 2010: As many as 592 freight trucks today left Jiribam with security escorts for Imphal with the completion of clearance of mud at various landslide affected areas on NH 53. The clearance works were reportedly completed late last night, said a police source here in Imphal.

On getting green signal of "no problem", the freight trucks headed for Imphal with security escorts provided by Manipur Rifles and IRB.

A total of 592 trucks including 19 oil tankers, 25 bullet tankers (bulk LPG gas carriers), 89 trucks carrying fertilizer, 105 cement-laden trucks, 12 trucks carrying rice and other 342 trucks carrying assorted goods reportedly left Jiribam with the security escorts at about 9 am, the source said adding that the vehicles would be arriving in Imphal tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

The movement of freight trucks was disrupted during the last three days due to fresh landslides at various hilly portions of the highway.

BRO workers assisted by the workers of the State PWD were engaged in the mud clearing works.

On the other hand, the Kabui Mothers' Association (KAMA), Manipur today demanded that ANSAM and UNC should immediately lift the economic blockade considering the hardships of the people.

A statement signed by its joint secretary Ranjita Golmei observed that the prolonged imposition of economic blockade on the National Highways has caused immense suffering to the people of all sections irrespective of hills or valley.

Now the question arises whether the demands are being sought from the government or the people.

Such type of agitation causing miseries to the people should never be launched by any organisation to fulfill curtain demands, the Association asserted.

Reiterating that the blockade should be lifted immediately, KAMA also blamed the government for not trying to bring the agitating bodies to the negotiating table.

The delay in the effort has compelled the people to think that the government of the State is meaningless.

If a "civil war" erupts out of the artificial scarcity of food stuffs, would the Ministers and the MLAs be able to remain seated, it asked.

Whatever the demands may be, the blockade should be called off at once, the KAMA demanded.