Lilong situation still grim, Calamity team from Centre to arrive soon, relief material distributed
Finally Govt comes out with official assessment on flood

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 16: Even as the flood situation remained grim at Lilong with the embankments of Imphal river caving in at three points today, the State Government has finally come out with the official assessment of the impact of the flood and the area of paddy fields under water.

Simultaneously, the State Chief Secretary has intimated the Centre of the flood situation in the State and the Centre has decided to depute a team of the Natural Calamity to assess the situation.

The team to be headed by RCA Jain, Special Secretary of the Home Department is expected to arrive soon.

A high level meeting attended by senior Ministers and DCs was held at the office of the CM to discuss the flood situation today at 3 pm, said sources.

Another meeting at the official level is also slated for tomorrow.

After the meeting, IFCD Minister N Mangi said the main causes for the flood are heavy rainfall at the catchment areas and siltation of the rivers.

As per the official notification of the Government, four points along Imphal river caved in at Lilong Leihaokhong Amu Mapa (40 ft), Lilong Haoreibi Mayai Leikai (40 ft), Lilong Athoukhong (45 ft) and Mayang Imphal Khelakhong (35 ft).

At Iril river the embankments breached at Naharup RCC bridge (70 ft, temporary closing almost completed), and Irilbung Kalika Khongjil (30 ft, temporary closing in progress) while at Nambol river the embankment breached at Kongkham Leikai (30 ft, started).

Thoubal river was the worst hit with at least 14 points of the embankment caving in during the last few days.

While temporary closing exercise of the breached portions has been completed at four points, the process is still underway at the other ten points.

The worst part is the Khekman Birmangol Mapa where the breached part measures 180 ft wide.

Embankments also breached at Wangjing river at two points, Puleipokpi near Tentha Khunou (30 ft, temporary closing in progress) and Khumanthem Leikai (100 ft, temporary closing under progress).

Three points caved in along Sekmai river at Keirak Abhiram Mapa, Wabagai Manihar Mapa and Thingel Mapa.

Temporary closing exercise are underway at all the three points.

At Leimakhong river in Lamlai AC, breach of river embankments occurred at four points, Naibi river at four places, Leimakhong river (Sagollok Mapa) and along Sajirok river at Kamong Meisnam Leikai.

River banks also caved in at Thinungei river, Saiton river, Thongjaorok river, Keinou river, Khujairok river, Oinam river, Ningthoukhong river, Waishel river, Sairaj Thong (Thoubal dist), Merakhong river.

While temporary closing work in the case of the first seven named spots are completed, the exercise is still in progress at the other four places.

The Government has also notified that over flowing of river occurred at precisely 17 places along all the major river system while sliding/depression took place at four places.

So far the material used to combat the flood include, 3,92,000 empty cement bags, 2050 split bamboo chatei, 926 bamboo poles and 117 ordinary chatei.

Official records say that altogether 47,800 hectares of paddy fields have been submerged in the flood.

Of the 19,900 hectares in Thoubal district 16,000 hectares are submerged under water (this accounts for 85 percent of the paddy field in the district), 6000 hectare in Imphal West of the 27,110 hectare, 16,000 hectares in Imphal East of the 31,110 hectares while in Bishnupur of the 22,900 hectares of paddy field 9,800 have been submerged.

The Government has also issued rice as relief through the respective DCs since August 13.So far the total quantity of rice allotted to the respective DCs and other authority concerned of Imphal East, West and Thoubal is 5050 quintals.

Even as the Government is grappling to fight and contain the flood, three new points along Imphal river caved in at Lilong today.

Around 16,000 villagers residing between Athoukong and Leihaokhong are forced to stay in make shift camps along Lilong Turel Ahanbi banks stretching for about 7 to 8 kms.

A rescue team of 17 Assam Rifles led by Major Sandeep Srivastava helped in evacuating 398 marooned Lilong villagers since yesterday.

Rescue motor boat from the 66 Engineer Regiment, Leimakhong was pressed into service.

One pregnant woman gave birth to a child in a boat while she was being evacuated to a safer place, said AR sources.

Over 800 villagers have been medically examined by a medical team of Assam Rifles led by Dr Khogendra in three medical camps since yesterday.

Local people said the flood has already claimed three persons including one pregnant woman and another woman.

The two women are from Chingkham Makha Leikai, said the locals and identified the other victim as Ayub Khan (28) of Leihaokhong.

However Assam Rifles sources said that seven persons including 2 men, two women and three children have died due to the flood.