Six more kids go missing bringing total to 19
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 16: With report of six more kids missing coming in today, the total number of children who have gone missing in the last one/two months has gone up to 19, though some have been handed back over to family members while two escaped.

Out of the six missing kids, reports have come in that one of them was kidnapped.

Out of the 19 kids who went missing, two inmates from the Manipur Mahila who went missing on May 2 were handed back on July 12 while two kids managed to escape for the custody of their kidnappers.

Two more kids from Iroishemba who went missing have been handed back to their parents.

This means that 13 children are still missing.

Children and womenfolk staging a dharna to demand the release of missing children

Of the six latest cas es of missing children, two are from Mayang Imphal while one child each has been reported missing from Thongju, Kyamgei, and Khongman.

A girl has been reportedly kidnapped from Khurai.

The two kids from Mayang Imphal, Wangkhei Leikai who have been missing since June 19 are identified as Kshetrimayum Suresh (11) son of Achou and Wangkheimayum Sahadeva (11) son of Noren.

Suresh is a Class V student while Sahadeva is a Class VI student.

Both of them studied at Modern High School, Mayang Imphal and both of them were taking Judo classes at club at Mayai Lambi.

With the family members and the local people launching a frantic search for the missing kids, it came to light that they are in the custody of the proscribed PREPAK.

The family members further said that they have come to know that the two kids left with a 14 year old child living next door to Suresh and identified as Akham Bobby.

Thereafter they came into contact with one Chongtham Jiban (22) of Laphupat but originally from Mayang Imphal, helped the two kids in reaching the PREPAK camp.

Thereafter family members along with meira paibis visited the camp of PREPAK on June 23, they said.

The family members were however not allowed to come to the camp and instead a team of meira paibis was allowed to proceed.

When the meira paibis urged them to hand over the two children, they were told that the children will surely come to meet their parents to bid farewell.

A Wakat Meepham was also staged at Mayang Imphal today.

Another kid from Kyamgei Awang Leikai identified as Pebam Biswajit (12) son of Rojit also went missing on June 22 .

Speaking to the media, Rojit today said that a member of the PREPAK (GS) conveyed that since Biswajit is among three brothers and three sisters, he can join the movement for the people.

Nothing was said about handing him back to the family members, he added.

Stating that they came to know that Bishwajit was in the custody of PREPAK after a hectic search, Rojit said that they have also come to know that his son along with one Sinam Somendro alias Bangar (18) of Thongju Part II and one youth from Kalikhong bought some clothes from Canchipur.

Bishwajit is a Class VII student of Ideal High School of Kyamgei.

Another child had also gone missing about 15 days before the disappearance of Bishwajit.

The kid is identified as Chirom Henry alias Khumit (12) son of Ranjit of Thongju Part II.

However no details about the kid are available at the moment.

On the other hand another 14 year old child from Khongman Zone V has also gone missing since 4 pm yesterday.

The child is identified as Keisham Kirankumar alias Nanao alias Dumdum son of Imo.

He left home yesterday after informing his parents that we off to Lilong to get some notes from a friend there.

The matter is yet to be reported to the police.

In another case report of the kidnapping of a 14 year old girl from Khurai Thoidingjam Leikai has come in.

In a statement, Easter Popular Club, Khurai identified the kidnapped girl as Moirangthem Romita (14) daughter of Raghumani.

A champion boxer, she has won many medals in the sub-junior category.

The grandson of the proprietor of Babu hotel and a non-Manipuri helper have been named behind the kidnapping and Babu himself had appended his signature on an agreement that the girl would be produced by July 17 .

A Wakat Meepham was held today at Thoubal Kiyam Siphai to urge for the release of Akoijam Bipinchandra (13) son and Akoijam Ajoy.

A similar sit-in was also staged at Uripok Achom Leikai to demand the release of two kids of the locality Nongthonbam Suresh (12) and Naosekpam Noren.