Lilong villages marooned, pregnant woman dies, army called out
Five kids swept away, rescue operations still on, Thoubal district continues to reel under flood impact, losses yet to be ascertained

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 14: Several villagers of Lilong Leihaokhong Thingel Makok and Mayai Leikai are marooned at their respective villages following the breaching of the embankments of Imphal River at two points yesterday.

One pregnant woman has reportedly died while five children swept away by the current of the water are yet to be traced till late this evening.

A high level meeting attended by State police officers, BSF, CRPF and Army was held at the Chief Minister's residence this evening to chalk out strategies for rescue work, said sources.

The army has been called out and two columns of the Assam Rifles have been pressed into rescue operation.

One column is over seeing rescue operation at the two Lilong villages while the other has been pressed into service at Imphal East.

River embankments stretching for about 35 feet along Imphal river gave away yesterday at about 9.30 pm near Lilong Leihaokhong Thingel Makok while earlier in the night at about 8.30 pm a stretch of about 40 feet of river banks along the same river caved in near Lilong Mayai Leikai.

The villagers who were caught unaware and are still marooned with no escape route.

One pregnant woman of Lilong Mayai Leikai has reportedly died while five kids who were reportedly washed away when the river embankment at Lilong Atoukhong breached are yet to be traced.

According to information received from the relief camp opened at Thingel Makok, the identity of the woman is yet to be ascertained as there is just no way to reach the marooned village.

The army was called out to rescue the villagers this evening.

Education Minister Maniruddin Sheikh also came to the spot to oversee the rescue operation.

Rescue operation was still on late into the evening.

Save for some cement bags and bamboo mats no food or medical aids have been received, said information received from the relief camp.

Meanwhile even though the water level at all the major rivers have receded appreciably, Thoubal district continues to reel under the impact of the flood with many rendered homeless and large tracts of paddy fields submerged under the flood water.

A number of people have also been rendered homeless and they are forced to put up at any convenient place for the time being.

According to the SE of Flood Management Circle, Khan, even though the water levels in the major rivers have dropped appreciably, it is still running at the flood mark.

Till 2.30 pm today, the water level at Nambul River and Imphal River was flowing at the flood stage while the water level at Iril River was running above the danger mark.

Officials from the Flood Control Department said that other than the breaching of river banks at four points along Imphal River and Iril River, there are no reports of any over flooding or breach of river hanks from the other rivers today.

River banks of the Iril River caved in along Nahabil and Khongjil in Imphal East today at about 2.30 am leading to the inundation of vast tract of paddy fields.

A number of houses were also flooded.

River banks of Thoubal River also caved in at Lilong Atoukhong and Mayang Imphal Melakhong today flooding the localities.

Of the 12 or so rivers flowing through Thoubal, almost all the rivers are flowing above the danger mark.

Save for few stretch here and there district has literally come under water.

Communication within the district has been severely handicapped by the flood.

Thoubal DC, A Ibocha said that over Hooding from the rivers have dealt a hard blow to the people of the district.

Functioning of all the Government offices have come to a grinding halt as all the major departmental offices have been flooded, said the DC.

Ibocha further said that a number of homes and paddy fields have also been submerged by flood water in Thoubal and a number of villages are marooned.

The Government is extending all possible assistance to the people to move them to drier places as well as in moving their livestock, informed the DC.

According to information received from the Flood Control Cell, here, large tract of paddy fields have been submerged following the over flooding of the Thoubal Right Bank Canal near Khelakhong.

River banks also caved in along Jabbar and Biramangol leading to inundation of vast tract of paddy fields and dwelling houses.

Villagers of lkokpat are trying to move to drier places by boats following the flooding of the area since last night.

Up Pradhan of Khangbok Part III, M Robindro informed the press that over flooding from Thoubal River has submerged around 500 dwelling places at Khangabok Part III and about 500 acres of paddy fields.

Medical Minister Dr Chaltonlien Amo informed that five mobile medical teams have been put into service to check the outbreak of any diseases following the flood.

The five mobile teams are stationed at Thoubal, Bongloi, Awang Sekmai, Sagolmang and Lamshang.

Strict instructions have been issued to the doctors concerned to he on the alert to discharge their duties effectively, added the Minister.

At Lamlai in Imphal East vast tract of paddy fields and a number of villages have been submerged with the over flooding water from Imphal river.

Large tract of paddy fields at Napet, Kharsan, Nungei, Jeri-bung, Pungdongbam, Lamlai, Chalou, Nongada, Khumjao, Ghana, Chelou, Leimakhong Mapal, Yaingangpokpi, Nongren etc are submerged under the flood water.

A number of houses have also been inundated especially at Chana.

At present the people are taking shelter at the roads along with their livestock.