Is sexual molestation a petty matter, asks scribes
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, September 13: The All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union, AMWJU has taken a strong exception to the media bashing launched by Nagaland Chief Minister SC Jamir, Nagaland Police and other organizations in connection with the Piphema incident.

Reacting to the allegations by SC Jamir and others, AMWJU went on record and said in a statement that the media in Manipur never ‘over-reacted’ or exaggerated the Piphema incident which occurred on September 5.The statement further said that the reports were filed by the reporters and published in the local papers as per established norms and precedents of reporting along the line of infamous Oinam, Yangkhulen, Malom and Takyel Khongbal incidents few years back.

The stories were filed on the basis of eyewitnesses’ accounts backed by authoritative statements of representatives of the transport agency operating the bus involved in the incident.

Besides some reporters met the alleged victims and their denial of the rape was reported in certain sections of the press.

Taking strong exception with the utterances of SC Jamir, AMWJU said this is unfortunate that a seasoned and responsible Chief Minister like him should dismiss the Piphema incident as a “petty matter.” As far as the press in Manipur is concerned the Piphema incident is a very serious matter said the scribes’ body wondering how rape/attempted rape/molestation of passengers and looting of buses on national highways are considered “petty matter” by a Chief Minister.