AMUCO responds to CCNCS invitation for talk
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 13 2010: The All Manipur United Clubs Organization (AMUCO) today in responding to the invitation for talk by the Co-ordination Committee of Naga Civil Society said that its office bearers could not leave the station for the time being considering the prevailing situation in the wake of total blockade on national highways and ban of Manipur based vehicles entering Nagaland by the Naga Students Federation.

"We have come across from some sections of newspaper that the Co-ordination Committee of Naga Civil Society is inviting AMUCO to hold talk in Guwahati" giving a short period of time, a statement of the organisation signed by its publicity secretary NC Modhuchandra dispatched to the media houses in Imphal said.

The reply of the invitation through media is being responded through the media, the statement said expressing unhappiness with the organization inability to give a positive response to the invitation.

Citing the reason behind the inability to give a positive response, AMUCO said in the prevailing unrest condition in the state, where people of the state are suffering due to prolong imposition of economic blockade on the national highways passing through the state and stoppage of movement of Manipur vehicles in Nagaland following ban imposed by the NSF, it is a must for its members not to leave station.

AMUCO believes that in any conflicting situation arising out of the misunderstanding among the different ethnic groups settle in the North Eastern region of the country could be sorted out through talks and sitting together and will be able to bring about a solution.

Keeping this view in mind, AMUCO is going ahead with the people.

The organisation feels sad that it cannot materialize the invitation of the CCNCS through media in work and expressed hope of getting a chance of "people to people" meet in future.