Landslide at Tupul cleared
Ranjit, Bijoy lead stranded goods trucks, buses back to Imphal safely
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 12 2010: Freight trucks began arriving at Imphal today with the completion of repairing of bridges between the Barak and Makru, and clearance of landslide-affected areas at three places on Imphal-Silchar section of the NH-53 .

Works Minister K Ranjit and Deputy Chairman of State Planning Board, MLA Bijoy Koijam led the goods trucks and oil tankers, which were stranded at Tupul because of the landslide, back to Imphal safely.

Meanwhile, Works Minister K Ranjit has said that his department will take up maintenance works at the mudslide-prone areas on the stretch of the NH-53 with state funds.

Works Minister K Ranjit (with white cap) and Dy Chairman, State Planning Board, MLA Bijoy Koijam stepping into mud to join repairing the landslide affected portion of NH-53 at Tupul; a loaded truck lies stuck in the mud

At least, 387 loaded trucks/petrol/LPG carriers, stranded at the mudslide areas for the last four days since the snapping of balance stay of Barak bridge, compounded with mud and rock slides at various places on the highway, have reached Imphal this late evening.

The vehicles started arriving at Keithalmanbi, 20 km from Imphal and the beginning part of the valley portion of the highway this after noon.

The vehicles included 344 goods-laden trucks, 25 oil tankers, 15 inter-state passenger buses and 3 bullet tankers (bulk LPG carriers).

The vehicles crossed the mudslide affected areas which were cleared by the workers of the BRTF and the state PWD day and night under the direct supervision of Works Minister K Ranjit and Deputy Chairman of State Planning Board, MLA Bijoy Koijam.

The mudslide clearance work was delayed when truck (MN01-7721) loaded with editable oil was stuck at the mudslide area.

The truck was pulled out of the mudslide by the workers of BRTF and PWD the whole night.

The trucks started crossing the landslide area in the early hour today and crossed Keithelmanbi at about 2 pm with no untoward incident on the way.

Works minister K Ranjit expressing strong resentment on the slow and little progress in the working of the BRFT maintaining the NH-53 and said that state government is considering for taking over the maintenance works of the highway.

Government will take up works for improving the weak bridge on the Barak river and road improvement works with state fund.

"We will not wait for BRTF in improving the road," he said.

Reiterating that working of the BRTF is not satisfied, Ranjit further said that his department will put up the matter to discuss the taking over the road by the responsibility of maintenance of the whole stretch of the highway by the Manipur government.

A proposal will be tabled in the Cabinet to press the authority concerns at the Centre to hand over the NH-53 to the state government, he said.